Please add an image to your posts - help

Adding an image to your post will help grab readers' attention and boost its visibility. Here's how...

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When writing your blog posts, please try to include a 'poster image'. This will sit along the top of the post and make it look much more appealing.

As you can see below, Sally has written an great headline but hasn't included a 'poster image'. The top of her post is therefore blank.

To add an image, simply click on 'select' under the 'poster image' header on the left of the posting page, as shown below:

The ideal image size is 1280x960 pixels, but if you upload your image it will crop is as required for you.

You should own the rights to the image - ie: you've taken the image yourself, paid for it or sourced it for free.

A good way to source free stock images is with an 'advanced Google search'. Search for your topic in Google images then click 'settings' and 'advanced search'.

Then scroll down to choose 'free to use or share, even commercially'.

Then search away and make sure your image is covered.

If your image is loading blank then it may be too large and need the file size reduced.

When sharing articles on the Psychologies social media pages and website, we'll be choosing the articles with a great headline and image. If you need further support then please get in touch.