Romantic Love in Group Analysis

The Body - Sexual Desire and Love in Group Psychotherapy London Conference 1st July Registration Open Now

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Group Analysis and the Virtual World: Communication in an Expanding Matrix

‘One cannot not communicate’ (Watzlawick et al., 1967)

Increasing exposure to pornographic material communicated through the internet and the world wide web, also referred to as the virtual world or cyberspace, presents us with new challenges since existing models of analysis are mainly predicated on a clear distinction between representation and the ‘real’ world.

Cyberporn has blurred these distinctions and poses interesting challenges at a theoretical and therapeutic level: what are its effects and how do we work with them in the group? By discussing the erotic ontology of cyberporn, this article attempts to offer some preliminary analyses. Its focus is on whether cyberporn structures desire. In exploring notions of the physical body, desire, sexuality and love, and linking Kristeva’s theory to group analytic thinking, as well as using my own reflexive self as participant observer of the cyberporn experience, I shall argue that cyberporn structures desire and our selves.

The implications for group analysis will be discussed.

Key words: virtual world, desire, erotic ontology, cybermatrix, sexuality, love, cyberporn

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Dr Susanne Vosmer

Clinical Psychologist & Psychotherapist. Mental Health, Relationships, Love & Sexuality.