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Fi's second challenge

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In week six, year 2 of Wake Up,Fi asked us to cook something we’ve never made before.

Although I do all the cooking for me and Sarah and I prefer to cook something for myself instead of going for a meal in a restaurant, and I like to cook from fresh whenever possible, I still found this an interesting challenge. I decided to cook something I’ve never done before; a dessert.

I looked up a couple of recipes but soon realised to carry out simple recipes I required all manner of kitchen paraphernalia. The thing was one of the lessons I learned in the first year of ‘wake up’ was to declutter and I learned it well I can tell you. So I wasn’t prepared to go out and buy all manner of cake tins and bits and bobs that I may only use once or twice. So I decided to look for recipes that leaned towards ‘simple’. To be fair just looking through the recipes served the purpose of this exercise because it made me appreciate food more and the culinary skill of simple things like making cakes.

The challenge was harder than what I anticipated. I like to receive the ‘wake up’ challenges and get stuck straight in but with having visitors down and one thing or another I struggled to find the time to get to the shops to get the ingredients, even though I have plenty of time on my hands. This was something I noted.

Anyway, in the end I made ice cream. After doing so, let’s just say that Wall’s have no need to feel threatened. And as for Mr Whippy… say no more.

In many ways this challenge is what ‘wake up’ is all about for me; little gentle and fun ways of suppressing autopilot and staying awake. I may have failed but I did get some fun out of it and for that I doff my ice cream scoop, ahem.

Mark Cuddy

Someone who learned to wake up


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over 4 years ago
Fantastic ! what flavour did you make..? I've never made any either so I may follow your lead! happy Easter mark and family x
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over 4 years ago
Fi, I wanted to make a cherry Bakewell ice cream flavour but believe it or not Waitrose didn't have cherries! They had every fruit you can think of except cherries - bizarre. Think of every fruit from exotic to the usual suspects and they didn't have cherries - shocking. Anyway, I decided to use summer fruits instead. Take it easy and a superb Easter.