Life is worth living well

But you don't have to be Superwoman!

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It took me a long, long time, and some extended periods of being seriously unwell, to begin discovering what living well means for me. Until my 40s I was living with a level of emotional discomfort that I had had no choice but to put up with in childhood - so it seemed "normal" - and although my body was sending out increasingly severe distress signals, I wasn't able to read them.

I thought living well meant having a well-paid job, a family, putting the needs of others before my own, being very busy, fixing every problem ... basically being Superwoman.

But I wasn't Superwoman, so as well as having that occasional niggling sense of being a fraud, I eventually got to the point where I was physically struggling to carry out some of my normal daily activities, and that's when I started looking for help.

I went for various forms of Bodywork, which helped reduce the pain and increase my mobility, but at the same time released an almost unmanageable surge of emotion. I went for Counselling, and talking helped to deal with the emotions, but it didn't reduce the pain in my body. Doing both was costing an enormous amount of money.

I looked again, and I found a Biodynamic Psychotherapist who understood and was able to work with the connection between my body and my mind. She had to show me and tell me many times over that it would be OK for me not to be Superwoman, but when this really sank into my mind and my body I felt so relieved, relaxed, joyful even!

My experience of Biodynamic Psychotherapy felt so right for me at every level that I decided to train as a therapist myself, and along the way I have learned to take much better care of myself, as well as how to help others do the same. I've found that living well does not have to mean being Superwoman - it can mean simply being myself, because that's what I do best!

I consider myself blessed to be in better health now than I was all those years ago, and I offer my work to others in gratitude for what I myself have received. But these days living well doesn't mean always being available to others, getting too busy, fixing every problem or ignoring my own needs. After all, I'm not Superwoman.

Hilary Price

I am passionate about Biodynamic Therapy because of the difference it has made to my own physical and mental health - and the transformation I see in my clients. I currently have a private practice in Kingston-upon-Thames and I also work at Aurora Foundation for people abused in childhood. I trained at the London School of Biodynamic Psychotherapy and am registered with both UKCP and CNHC.