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Why your response to stress can prevent you living life to the full

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Stress is an intrinsic part of life, and much of our activity is a response to it, or an attempt to pre-empt it. Hunger, for example, represents stress at a physical level which we can anticipate and respond to in a more or less healthy way, depending on what habits we have developed and what other stressors are in play at the same time.

Our habits and typical patterns of responding to stressful experiences become part of our personality, but if we restrict ourselves to a small range of responses we can start to miss out on important parts of life.

Gerda Boyesen, pioneer of Biodynamic Psychotherapy, talked about four personality types - Rock, Warrior, Sunshine and Princess on the Pea (from Hans Christian Anderson's tale). Each of them manifests both positive and negative responses to stress, but none of them allows us to live life to the full.

Rock is solid, dependable, always there for you, immovable, hard, cold, unfeeling

Warrior is aggressive, challenging, hates injustice, takes sides, despises tender feelings

Sunshine is warm, puts others at ease, says "I'm fine", ignores unpleasant realities

Princess on the Pea is sensitive, discriminating, vulnerable, easily upset, complaining

If you can identify strongly with just one of these personality types, it's likely that you're missing out on some of what life has to offer, finding relationships difficult or failing to attend to your own authentic needs.

If you'd like to know how Biodynamic Psychotherapy could help you expand your capacity to respond to both stressful and pleasant experiences, and so have a fuller and more satisfying experience of life, please contact me.

Hilary Price

I am passionate about Biodynamic Therapy because of the difference it has made to my own physical and mental health - and the transformation I see in my clients. I currently have a private practice in Kingston-upon-Thames and I also work at Aurora Foundation for people abused in childhood. I trained at the London School of Biodynamic Psychotherapy and am registered with both UKCP and CNHC.