A Smart Woman's Guide to Business: Keep calm and do nothing

Life in less than 300 imperfect words

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This week we're looking at what happens when we don't know what to do next. That "I have no idea what I'm supposed to be doing" feeling is experienced by all of us at some point but it can feel dreadful! I'm interested in exploring what you do when you're in that place as quite often we can find ourselves forcing an idea, straining to take action - anything to get out of the unknown!

It would be easy to label inaction as being 'lazy', especially when everyone else around us appears to be busy. When insecurity has you feeling as if you should be doing more, going to more networking events, posting more on social media, sending more emails, reaching out to more prospects - I encourage you to slow down or to completely stop. It's the opposite of what you'll want to do and even the thought of it will make you feel uncomfortable but it is the simplest route out.

Step away if you can or at least look away for a short while, your next step is just waiting for you to settle down long enough for it to surface. It is already within you! Be confident in knowing that every answer to your ‘what next ‘ will be answered in good time. Think back to a time when it appeared that you were completely clueless about a situation - remember how the answer came to you from nowhere? Remember how effortless it felt?

You don't have to search for an answer to anything - you can relax in the knowledge that it will show up when you give it a chance to.

Emma x

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