Feel 'done' with personal development?

Ever wish you could just stop being aware of your personal transformation?

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There was a point, perhaps before your first self-help book, or that conversation with a friend, or the TED talk, or the Opera show, where you were just happy as you were.

You didn’t know about egos or personal goals; you could find happiness in a cupcake, before you knew the harmful effects of sugar on the brain. When all you had to do was get a good job and go on a few holidays.

There is always another ‘growth opportunity', not just a problem you can have a moan and a sulk about. You have to be positive - sunny side up!

I know my Facebook page is tailored to like-minded thinkers, who post about personal transformation stuff. Yet, don’t you think it would just be nice to be like those other friends, who are just living rather than growing?

Growing is exhausting, because the thing about it is, you never stop, it’s never enough and it doesn’t lead to a resting place of happiness. No amount of spiritual growth will lead to a spiritual bypass of pain when a loved one dies, or a lack of shame when you feel you are failing.

Personal development sucks!

Yep, this is my last lifetime around folks, apart from the fact that I secretly hope it’s not! Because I would miss the sunlight on my face, the wind buzzing past my ears as I fly downhill on my bike. I would miss dog licks and flirting with baristas over lattes. I would miss dark clouds and rain that give way to rainbows. All of this still exists whilst I am putting the effort into being the best person I can be.

Personal development sucks!

You are always pushing through layer upon layer laid down in your childhood, conditioning, discovering, surrendering, until one day you reach a place where you learn that the only thing you had to do this whole time was accept.

Accept who you are. Accept who other people are. And accept that without the raindrops, we don’t get rainbows.

That everything, including you, has a meaning and at the same time, absolutely no meaning at all.

So stop trying so hard, and be more dog. Get yourself a few ear rubs, be happy to greet everyone with a wag and take each day as it comes.

Becky Walsh

Author, Radio & TV Presenter, Speaker, Life Catalyst. , -

Becky Walsh is one of the world’s leading authorities on self-belief and intuition. Becky hosts her own TV show 'Anything goes with Becky Walsh' on the Made Television network. She has hosted her own award winning radio show on LBC UK and now presents a show on Hay House radio Spotlight UK. Becky is often delivering comment and analysis in the media worldwide and is a blogger for the Huffington Post and now Psychologies. Becky regularly travels to address gatherings in places such as: Hong Kong, Pakistan, Chile and USA and has been a speaker at ‘I Can Do It’ Seminar London. Her private practice for breakthrough’s by phone or in person in Bristol and London. Becky is a Hay House author of ‘You DO Know – Learning to act on intuition instantly’ as well as three more published books and five e-books. Becky has a live show in which she blends stand-up comedy with live insights on the audience. Becky’s teaching also effortlessly blends her unique humour with ground-breaking, smack-on-the-forehead insights that put YOU in the driving seat of your life. www.beckywalsh.com


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almost 5 years ago
Hi Becky, I actually disagree with you; as far as I'm personally concerned, I wouldn't still be alive without having followed a path of personal development after reaching rock bottom. This has involved a 14 year journey (not constantly working on myself but concentrated periods with gaps) to become the person I was born to be.... As a result, I am content being me for the first time in the 62 years I have spent on this planet, and ok with not fitting in. Having said that I disagree with you, I now have no need of any further major personal development courses because I've done a lot of work and changed a lot, so I'm off to live the rest of my life with a whole new perspective, having finally released a lifetime of depression!
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almost 5 years ago
Go to the profile of Becky Walsh
almost 5 years ago
Hi Carol Believe me, personal development is my catnip, I am addicted to it. Yet where it took me and it sounds like where it took you, is to a place of self acceptance. And yes you're right, when you're in the think of a personal transformation it is a life saver!