Are You A By-stander When It Comes To Creating Your Beautiful Life?

Here's how to pin point your degree of affinity with yourself, your unique history, perspective, talents and skills and use this understanding to create a life of self-expression that you love.

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Have you ever felt like you were looking on as a spectator at the places, interactions, situations and dynamics in your own life?

Or felt pangs of envy seeing others in their zone of genius, fully immersed in, shining and enjoying doing their unique thing?

This is a dynamic I notice a lot in my work where clients can feel almost as if it is difficult for them to be actively involved participants in the day to day experiences of their lives.

And very often, they feel this as a frustrating sort of distance between their inner reality, desires and thoughts and how exactly to share and act on them in real terms.

For example, many of my clients are big-hearted well travelled, educated, versed teacher/healer/creative types who have a wealth of goodness and life experience to share. They are however just learning that their life purpose and path are completely unique and can only come into being as they OWN their tremendous wisdom and worth, trust themselves, and allow their vision and gifts to be experienced and fully seen.

In both my personal and professional experience, being at the start of the journey of charting one’s unique life map can be one of the most scary, but empowering and exciting places to be.

Awakening to a grander vision of what is possible for your life represents nothing less than a point of departure…

A divergence from all the safe familial and societal ‘rules’ that on some level you have been realising you need freedom from in order that you can have a chance at the self-expression, freedom and happiness you NEED.

Your realisation that you are at this point of divergence begs the questions:

  1. Can you allow yourself to love and appreciate yourself fully?
  2. Can you self-validate the powerful, wise and creating being you are, what you need and the tremendous love, creativity, knowledge and expertise you have to give?
  3. Can you allow yourself to live, create, be experienced and seen in your full magnitude when and where it matters without compromise or playing small?

This is also the very place at which you are likely to feel the greatest resistance and fear because in effect, you are coming face to face with the fact that life is asking you to listen in very closely to and follow the beat of your own drum.

Your intuition or ‘drum’ is the single most powerful tool in your toolbox for consciously creating a beautiful life.

It beats in tandem with your deep inner knowing about who you are and what about your life’s story and skills make your perspective and future contributions essential and unique.

These are the foundations upon which your life map are built.

Recognising whether you have been being a spectator rather than a participant and active co-creator in your life, and the fear that comes up and diddles your ability to fully commit to fleshing out your life path are the first step.

The second step lies in recognising that you are at a very important juncture where the decision you make right now, will determine your future happiness and quality of life for many years to come.

This is the place where either folks decide to:

  1. Dig deep, find their courage and honour their inner knowing and trust themselves to collaborate with and be used as part of the greater Universal plan, or
  2. Turn their backs on themselves and their dreams as they convince themselves that it isn’t the right time, they don’t have what it takes, they can’t afford it, that it is better to stick with what they know, and so on.

The danger in the latter of course is that once you turn your back on life’s bigger plan, you leave your place of power behind.

You end up cutting yourself off from the synchronicity and magical ‘flow’ of the beautiful life you have been dreaming of.

And you end up spending a lot of time and money at a suppressed level of happiness, functionality and being before you circle back to your place of power again.

If you have been poised at this place of divergence from the life your upbringing, education and work experience so far have carved out for you for some time, I have a few powerful clarifying questions for you.

Imagine for a moment that you can reach for and put on a pair of ‘reality’ specs…spectacles that allow you to see the truth of whatever situation your eyes land on.

  1. What does the vision of your beautiful life (or if you don’t yet have a vision that feels gelled, use the ‘feel’ and emotions it conjures up) tell you about who you really are as separate from the person you’ve always been expected and consequently, thought yourself to be?
  2. What are you seeing you need to do in order that you can begin walking and enjoying YOUR unique life path?
  3. What is the true cost to you and your loved ones of you not honouring your truth?
  4. Do you commit to doing what you need to do now, no matter what it takes?
  5. If you answered ‘Yes” to question 4 above, continue on to question 6. If you answered ‘No’, why not?
  6. What are you learning about yourself here?

Caroline Diana Bobart

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As a high-level, professionally trained clairvoyant and spiritual mentor with 17 years rich experience of the multi-layered complexities of the human condition, I have the priceless ability to laser straight into the core of your struggle and reveal the hidden underbelly of exactly what is standing in your way. When you work with me, you receive deep clarity on exactly what you need to do next in order to begin turning things around. My work connects the dots between your understanding of yourself, your position, life experience and skills in such a way that you are able - perhaps for the first time in your life - to finally see how you can begin leveraging these to create a fulfilling, fully expressed, extraordinary life.