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Wake Up, week 2 of 25

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Wake Up, week two of twenty-five and Jacqui set the challenge to find a poem that reflects where, or who, we are at this present moment in time, something that ‘speaks’ to us. What a great challenge, I thought. I’m no poet but I do love the power of words and I do have a favourite poem; The Rime of the ancient mariner by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. I love the drama and imagination and scope of it.

Anyway, let’s not beat about the poetry bush I can’t get away from the fact I find Paul Weller’s words poetic and they have always spoken to me. To an extent lyrics in their own way are poems and Weller’s lyrics have always said so much to me.

One of the most powerful lyrics that spoke to me for years was from the song Above the Clouds from his first solo album titled Paul Weller;

When you’re scared of living but afraid to die

I scared of giving and I must find the faith to beat it

This lyric struck my heart the moment I first heard it (circa 1992) and has always been one of my favourite lyrics but since last year with the change I went through in ‘wake up’ I’m no longer scared of living or giving and I do have faith in my own ability. So whenever I now hear the lyric it fills me with great pride because I’ve moved on and beaten the self-doubt that was holding me back for years and more than ever I cherish life.

Similarly, Weller’s The Changingman became my ‘wake up’ calling card. Everything in one form or another is interwoven. Weller has always been there for me and when ‘wake up’ came along at the precise moment I needed it the two strands crossed and – WHAM and POW!

Many of Weller’s lyrics aren’t just poems to me, they are more than that. The songs themselves have an amazing power to take me to places inside myself as well as outside myself. When you truly enjoy a song you take something from it and in most cases it stays with you forever. A lyric can transport you back in time to a place, a person you once were or a relationship that hangs heavy in your heart.

So, without hesitation the poem/lyric that sums up where I am right now is the song that made things clearer travelling the ‘wake up’ road; Paul Weller’s The Changingman….

Is happiness real?

Or am I so jaded

I can’t see or feel – like a man been tainted

Numbed by the effect – aware of the muse

Too in touch with myself – I light the fuse

I’m the changingman – built on shifting sands

I’m the changingman - waiting for the bang –

As I light a bitter fuse

Time is on loan – only ours to borrow

What I can’t be today – I can be tomorrow

And the more I see – the more I know

The more I know – the less I understand.

I’m the changingman

It’s a bigger part –

When our instincts act

A shot in the dark –

A movement in black

And the more I see – the more I know

The more I know – the less I understand.

I’m the changingman – built on shifting sands

I’m the changingman – waiting for the bang –

As I light a bitter fuse.

Mark Cuddy

Someone who learned to wake up


Go to the profile of Vanessa
over 4 years ago
Absolutely with you on lyrics - my life is defined by an eclectic soundtrack (albeit with rather more Disney and musicals than may be appreciated by serious music fans...). I love the power of the right song to move you forward - and it sounds like you found the right one for now!
Go to the profile of Jacqui
over 4 years ago
A really powerful choice with these lyrics. Aren't we all on 'shifting sands' in some way? It's just some of us want to control those sands in any way they can and others just move along with them. I think I used to be more the former, but I'm now trying to be the less controlling sort! I hope you are well Mark. Please let us now what is going on in your life. Music is so much art of you. I wish I still had that passion. I'm still dancing though!!
Go to the profile of Fiona Dolben
over 4 years ago
What other song could you choose. Fabulous choice. I too am going with some lyrics- so many speak to me all the time its difficult to chose though.. take it easy all ok with the move I hope
Go to the profile of Mark Cuddy
over 4 years ago
Fi, in answer to your question it would be David Sylvian's Forbidden Colours. I absolutely love this song and have said I wan't this to be played at my funeral. I know that sounds a bit morbid but the song is so special to me (long story). Anyway check it out if you're unfamiliar with it (I'm sure you're not), it is beautiful and tender. As for me I've still got just under six weeks left before I leave my job and I'm really chilled and happy. I have a plan (it is very loose at the moment) that some people might find too alternative but I don't care. I am in control of my own destiny and I plan on living my life the way I want to. What will be will be. I'm genuinely really happy and haven't got enough hours in the day to do everything I want to - yeah-yeah. Take it easy.