Jacqui's Story - for THE LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL podcast series

A story of relationship disappointment, lies and betrayal – that could have had a tragic and fatal ending. Jacqui shares what she has learned about not losing ourselves in bad relationships and of taking care of ourselves first. Her humour and courage have got her through and helped her to create a different life for herself. One in which she now stops trying to please others first, and instead tunes in to her own needs – which is reaping rewards for her.

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A podcast series of 18 conversations with ordinary people who share their extraordinary stories of overcoming adversity - to bring hope, encouragement and inspiration to others still searching for their own light at the end of the tunnel...

LISTEN TO JACQUI'S STORY HERE - http://maxineharley.com/light-end-tunnel-jacquis-s...

Maxine Harley

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