Mindfulness - the basics

This is my video which tells you more about the basics of mindfulness and includes a 14 minute meditation of the body and breath.

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In 2015/16 I took part in the Happiness Club experiment and posted a blog/vlog every month for 12 months to record our experiences. A lot of the discussions of my Happiness Club centred on mindfulness, which we found was pivotal every month, as well as having a month of its own - month 4 - Awareness.

I'd been practicing mindfulness since 2013 and am more committed now than I've ever been. I'm often asked from friends and family what it is and how can they get started and so I've done two things. One is set up a website http://moremindfulme.tumblr.com and the other thing is that I've now recorded a video of the basics of mindfulness including a body and breath meditation. Join me in a meditation today.#action=share

Kirsty Morgan

I am a Chartered Accountant for a Housing Association, who is a mum to 2 small children. I discovered Mindfulness in 2013 and this was a turning point for me to really be committed and present wherever I am. Life isn't as worrying as I used to think when I used to listen to all my 'what if' thoughts and I now feel braver and more confident. I set up a Happiness Club in 2015 in conjunction with Psychologies magazine and as with Mindfulness am already loving the difference it's making to my life and those around me.