Barbara's Story - for THE LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL podcast series

Barbara’s teenaged mixed-race marriage and pregnancy set in motion a massive change in her outlook, and mental and physical health problems. Battling Post-Natal Depression and undiagnosed Post-Traumatic-Stress Disorder years ago was enough for Barbara to consider suicide as she was left alone with the heavy responsibility of child-care whilst medicated. It took a breakdown and psychotherapy to help her to make sense of what her life had become and how she could improve it. She has now healed her relationship with her family and offers words of encouragement to others.

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A series of conversations with ordinary people who share their own extraordinary stories of overcoming adversity - to offer hope, encouragement and inspiration to anyone still struggling to find their own light ahead...


Maxine Harley

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I help women to FEEL better - so they can BE, DO and HAVE better! As a MIND HEALER I specialise in helping women to recover from a troubled childhood and toxic parents, to heal and transcend their emotional wounds, re-parent their inner child, and make peace with their past. This enables and empowers them to become better parents, partners, professionals - and all round happier calmer people :-) As a MENTOR I offer different levels of therapeutic self development - including MINDING YOUR BUSINESS, MINDING THE GAP, and MIND MASTERY...please discover more at