Yoga as Lifestyle Medicine

We have a fabulous new training day on 'Yoga as Lifestyle Medicine' in Washington to share with you...featuring our very own Heather Mason :)

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We have a fabulous new training day on 'Yoga as Lifestyle Medicine' in Washington to share with you...featuring our very own Heather Mason :)

In this day-long program, experts in the field of contemporary yoga therapy discuss their research, professional and personal experiences, and guide demonstrations of evidence-informed practices including postures, breath work, and meditation techniques for physical and emotional well being.

The day begins with experts highlighting the practices they endorse based on their research and suggest how you can safely and intelligently integrate yogic practices into your life. They include Loren Fishman, director of Manhattan Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation; Judith Hanson Lasater, a physical therapist and a founder of Yoga Journal magazine; and Sat Bir Khalsa, assistant professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, and associate neuroscientist, Brigham and Women's Hospital.

Next, Fishman discusses yoga for prevention and rehabilitation in the areas of back pain, sciatica and scoliosis, arthritis, osteoporosis, weight control, PMS, and common injuries. Lasater focuses on “living your yoga,” stress relief, and restoratives. Khalsa shares his research with children, insomnia, anxiety, PTSD, and discuss the nature of a yogic lifestyle.

After some lunch hour roundtables, discussions focus on yoga as therapy, special conditions, individual case studies, and universal applications of practice. Panelists include JJ Gormley, a master yoga therapist who practices the healing style commonly called Viniyoga; Heather Mason, founder of the Minded Institute, which addresses mental health and chronic conditions and quality of life through yoga therapy and mindfulness programs; and Steffany Moonaz, associate academic director at the Maryland University of Integrative Health, the country’s first master’s-degree program in yoga therapy, and founder of Yoga for Arthritis.

Finally, the days ends with panelists offering advice on how to begin yogic practices and guidelines to encourage further exploration and personal discovery in the realms of yoga and meditation.

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Heather Mason

Founder of the Minded Institute, The Minded Institute

Heather Mason is a leader in the field of mind-body therapy and the founder of Yoga Therapy for the Mind. She develops innovative methods for mental health treatment drawing on her robust educational background including an MA in Psychotherapy, an MA in Buddhist Studies, studies in Neuroscience and a current MSc in Medical Physiology.. She is also a 500 RYT, a yoga therapist and an MBCT facilitator. Heather offers various professional trainings for yoga teachers, healthcare professionals and therapists, lectures around the world, and delivers training to medical students. She also develops protocols for different client populations by translating cutting edge research from the psycho-biology and neuro-biology of stress into yoga practices, breathwork, mindfulness interventions and therapeutic holding. Further she is involved in research on the efficacy of these practices, holds the annual UK yoga therapy conference and is blazing the trail for the integration of yoga therapy into the NHS