Sankalpas for 2017

Setting our intentions for the New Year.

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In yoga, we speak of Sankalpas as opposed to New Year's Resolutions. The concept of Sankalpa comes from the Vedic tradition and means determination, conviction and resolve. Rather than placing excessive and unrealistic demands on ourselves, Sankalpas are about deep acceptance of where we are at with an embrace of the knowledge that we currently have absolutely everything we need to live the fullest and truest version of ourselves. When we set a Sankalpa, we connect to our deepest self and allow any transformation that needs to unfold in the bright light of awareness.

Whilst New Year's resolutions and Sankalpas are intrinsically different, they share a similarity in a resolve to allow something new and transformative to emerge in our lives. We enjoyed reading this article, linked below, from the Mindfulness Project about how resolutions can be kept, and were particularly pleased to see the focus on self-compassion.

Happy reading and a very self-compassionate day to you all.

Heather Mason

Founder of the Minded Institute, The Minded Institute

Heather Mason is a leader in the field of mind-body therapy and the founder of Yoga Therapy for the Mind. She develops innovative methods for mental health treatment drawing on her robust educational background including an MA in Psychotherapy, an MA in Buddhist Studies, studies in Neuroscience and a current MSc in Medical Physiology.. She is also a 500 RYT, a yoga therapist and an MBCT facilitator. Heather offers various professional trainings for yoga teachers, healthcare professionals and therapists, lectures around the world, and delivers training to medical students. She also develops protocols for different client populations by translating cutting edge research from the psycho-biology and neuro-biology of stress into yoga practices, breathwork, mindfulness interventions and therapeutic holding. Further she is involved in research on the efficacy of these practices, holds the annual UK yoga therapy conference and is blazing the trail for the integration of yoga therapy into the NHS