2017 - my wish for you

Getting the best out of work is hard to do alone - we all need an inspirational support to help us along the way.......

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Sitting on a sunny beach in the Canaries, I’m thinking about the year ahead – what will it bring? Will I spend more time gazing over blue seas? What new adventures will grab me and stretch my thinking? What will I feel proud of in January 2018?

Of course an obvious delight and challenge is exploring questions of career with you. You spend so much time at work, it’s important to enjoy yourself and feel a sense of satisfaction. So I began to include you in my seaside pondering about 2017…..

I turned first to those who are employed:

When writing my second book, Inspirational Manager’ http://amzn.to/2iwms4K I met the best managers in the Best Companies to Work For so I could understand their recipe for success. I also talked with their teams and their own managers, not to mention the HR’s who supported them. What I heard took me totally by surprise:

“We love our manager and we’d do anything to have him/her be successful”

Wow – imagine if your people were saying that about you! Imagine if you were saying that about your manager! How fantastic would that be?

The people I spoke to respected their managers and felt respected by them. They were tough to work for - it’s not an easy ride when truth is high on the agenda – but they also knew they’d always get the help they needed to improve and move forward. As a result, talent was developed, targets were exceeded and results were enviable. It’s a win/win all round.

Then to those of you who work for yourselves.

No option here for an amazing manager to inspire you. You're the one who sets the direction, gathers up energy and maintains focus. Sometimes you'll literally be doing it all - bringing in business, keeping the books, tidying the office, delivering to customers, making the coffee........

This can be such a lonely place - especially in those early days. So let me encourage you to look out for your own version of an inspirational manager. For you it might be an encouraging friend or a network of people in the same situation. it could be your partner or a family member. Just make sure it's someone who'll listen, support and not project their own fears onto you.

Finding the right way to spend such a big part of our lives isn't easy. We all need support to take a risk, move forward and blossom into the best we can be.

So my wish for you all in 2017 - employed or working alone - is that you find your 'go to' inspiration person. invest time in seeking them out, treat them well, give them support when they need it and ask for time when you need it. it's a relationship that will be worth it's weight in gold

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Judith Leary Joyce

Great Companies Consulting

In 1996 I made the shift into business, taking my knowledge of Gestalt Psychology into the realm of Executive Coaching, Facilitation and Leadership/ Management Development. In 2001 I worked on the 100 Best Companies to Work For list, then went on to write my first book Becoming an Employer of Choice which was followed by Inspirational Manager and The Psychology of Success. Since then I have worked with organisations across the sectors from large corporates through to young start ups, public sector and charities. Now it’s time to help you have a love affair with your work and get exactly what you want from your career. To find out more about my work and coaching go to www.judithlearyjoyce.com