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I recently wrote about most of us needing to ask permission before doing an out of comfort zone activity. Here is who you REALLY need to get that permission from...

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In my previous post I asked who you seek permission from before you set up that masterminding group or launch a new product or service or any other activity that you need to be brave to do as you are putting yourself out there.

There is no business school to be an entrepreneur and most of us learn how to be a business owner on the hop. We set up our businesses for many varied reasons, here are some examples:

1. Adversity... it can be the perfect excuse to leave a role we hate in the corporate world. Goodbye horrid boss, hello YOUR own business.

2. Maternity leave for us females... Having a baby can be the inspiration. This my story - I was working in a marketing agency before I met the man, settled down and had our first child. I loved the buzz of the office and missed the camaraderie when I was a new mum. Four months in and I soon tired of the NCT group's constant comparisons of what size baby grow and nappies our dearest new baby was sporting. It was then that I had my light-bulb moment and started an online business selling childnren's alpaca knitwear that I sourced from my husband's country, Peru.

3. Hobby and passion turns into a business. Some of us love producing things in our spare time whilst working at the horrid corporate job and it all just becomes too much. Or we have made some of the amazing items for Christmas presents, we get repeat orders and that famous light-bulb moment comes: "Yes! There must be a market for my beautiful wares!"

4. Extra vital income: the day job isn't bringing enough money (and satisfaction) into the home and you have already started to earn money selling coaching sessions in the evenings or a day in the weekend.

Which one do you recognise as you?

I often think that running a business is like doing an MBA but in live theory all of the time with none of the modules and course work, just work experience right here and now!

So when it comes to making difficult or risky decisions, we entrepreneurs will seek out mentors, friends, colleagues, mastermind groups, business advisers, coaches...the list is endless to help us along our way to make those decisions.

The major stumbling block causing decision-making angst tends to be fear of rejection. Even armed with a wealth of skills and talents, that Doubter Gremlin raises its head which is why we seek approbation from our peers.

However, who are we REALLY asking permission from?


We just need to hear these words: "Yes, go for it!" or "Amazing idea!" or "You will ROCK!".

Once we get that peer to peer go ahead, we then give ourselves the 'me to me' go ahead which we probably could have done right at the outset.

So what is the lesson learnt? What will you do when you just want to get your landing page launched and everyone is at lunch and can't do a quick sanity check for you before you press GO LIVE?

Grant yourself your permission.

Once you start to do it, you will gain more and more confidence and won't have to rely on the colleague thumbs up.

I dislike being Amanda BeHolden - that is my nickname when I am being beholden to someone else's approval or sign off. I am training myself that just have to do it, so I do.

Help! Anyone going to check this article before I press the PUBLISH button? No, not today, I will be Amanda Ruiz, not beholden to anyone! ;-)

Amanda FitzGerald

PR Strategist and Business Mentor, Amanda FitzGerald PR

My passion is helping business owners to have the self-confidence to do irresistible pitches to the media, networking groups or prospects. Being able to articulate what you do in just 8 words can be such a useful skill as you will catch the attention immediately of your audience. I am an NLP Practitioner, keen outdoor (pool) needing to find lakes to swim in during CV days, dog walker and yoga lover!


Go to the profile of Josie Copsey
almost 5 years ago
What a great article Amanda! I can definitely see trends I've experienced in the past in there. Thanks for sharing! :-)
Go to the profile of Suzy Walker
almost 5 years ago
I love your entrepreneurial mindset. x