After the weekly wake up challenges stop

What happens when the weekly challenges stop?

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Week after week Chris would send us challenges to break out of our old habits to get us to ‘wake up’. This was something he believed in and was passionate about. For me, I loved the challenges/exercises and found many ways to break out of old habits and look at things and life in a different/new way. I found an inner ‘hippy’ and a happier me, I honestly did. And although I no longer receive weekly challenges I’m still developing and learning all on my own.

One of the things that happened to me the other day made me realise there are ‘levels’ to waking up. Also, the challenges that had no or little change on me because I was already doing them, even though they were brought into focus through the weekly challenges, and I patted myself on the back too because I was already doing them, could in fact be tuned for a more sharper and positive effect on me.

I was always brought up to have good manners. I would give up my seat on a bus for people older than me and women and always hold a door open for people. When I got older if my good manners weren’t gratefully met I would always say loudly, “You’re welcome”, which always put a smile on my face. Manners cost nothing right?

Anyway, the other day I was getting off a train and I helped a women carry her pram (baby and all) off the train without even thinking because it was the right thing to do but then as I was doing this I noticed a massive ‘wake up’ moment; I didn’t need or want a ‘thank you’ for this gesture because it didn’t matter if I got one because it was the correct thing to do and I shouldn’t expect a thank you for doing something I/we all should be doing anyway. BREAK THROUGH!

I didn’t even look at the women’s face for recognition to my act of generosity. In fact I just took control of the situation. She was clearly getting off the train, I made way for her and signalled for her to come forward, picked up the pram, placed it on the platform and I was gone without looking or waiting for a thank you. I walked away to a Style Council track in my ears and realised what I’d done and was in that very moment. I didn’t need the thank you.

Now, I’m not telling you this because I want you to go around telling all your friends and family that you know this GREAT fella called Mark Cuddy and he is Mr Wonderful (even though I am, ahem) I just wanted to share it with you to show you I think there are levels to waking up and to show you ‘wake up’ is a constant and ongoing thing if you want it.

Take it easy people.

Mark Cuddy

Someone who learned to wake up