The joy of cracking wide open

We live in a Snapchat, coffee catch-up culture. Often we don't get down and deep into the conversations that matter. Yet, when you do there's a joy in cracking wide open and revealing who we really are. 

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Not only is it so bonding when it comes to relationships and friendships, conversations can also become the joiner of the dots in our thoughts. They allow us to put the random meanderings of the brain into some sense and order. In doing so we discover the bigger picture of ourselves. When you find a friend you can share a deep conversation with you ground yourself. I think this can be such a strong anchor when you get pushed sideways by life.

In our busy lives, try hard to find chatting time with friends that can last a few hours. Even over a bottle of wine. That 'cracking wide open' only takes place with time. It's the difference between having surface level friendships and those that last a life time. Bonded in truth and love.

Becky Walsh

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Becky Walsh is one of the world’s leading authorities on self-belief and intuition. Becky hosts her own TV show 'Anything goes with Becky Walsh' on the Made Television network. She has hosted her own award winning radio show on LBC UK and now presents a show on Hay House radio Spotlight UK. Becky is often delivering comment and analysis in the media worldwide and is a blogger for the Huffington Post and now Psychologies. Becky regularly travels to address gatherings in places such as: Hong Kong, Pakistan, Chile and USA and has been a speaker at ‘I Can Do It’ Seminar London. Her private practice for breakthrough’s by phone or in person in Bristol and London. Becky is a Hay House author of ‘You DO Know – Learning to act on intuition instantly’ as well as three more published books and five e-books. Becky has a live show in which she blends stand-up comedy with live insights on the audience. Becky’s teaching also effortlessly blends her unique humour with ground-breaking, smack-on-the-forehead insights that put YOU in the driving seat of your life.