A Smart Woman's Guide to Life: Ditch your Comfort Zone (... and your 9-5)

Dear Comfort Zone, F*ck You!

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Dear Comfort Zone,

For so many years you had me in a choke hold and I didn't even realise it. You lead me to believe that you were keeping me safe, safe from the unknown. When really you were holding me back from living an exciting fun filled life - the life that I deserved.

Comfort Zone, you have kept us all in jobs which paid the bills but took our happiness. You convinced us to stay in dead end relationships that had long passed their expiry date. You told us to be “grateful” for what we already had and yes we truly were grateful but that didn't mean we had to stay stuck where we were.

The truth is.... Comfort Zone, you lied to us all. You kept telling us that we needed to wait for the fear to pass before we could live the life of our dreams. You told us that we needed to be fearless. You knew all along that we didn't actually need to be fearless, that we could feel the fear and do it anyway, that we were already good enough.

To think, we always had the power - we just didn't realise it!

Comfort Zone, your time is up... we got bored of plodding along in your “safe” space, so we started to question you and your motives. Yes, we know that you are well meaning... blah! blah! blah! but we wanted out of the your zone, simple. So we started to test ourselves, taking chances here and there. We started to dream a little bigger and to see things exactly as we always hoped. We were brave enough to imagine just how great life could be, we found other smart women to support us as we dared to step up into something bigger. Now we can all see you for what you are.

One more thing Comfort Zone... if we ever find ourselves back in your zone, be warned, it won’t be for long.


Smart Women everywhere!

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Emma Case

Entrepreneur, Perfection Coach & Mentor for women, www.startwhereyouare.co.uk

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