What colour is your screen?

Our challenge for week 47 of the Great Wake-Up was to turn off the television...

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It's a bit of a joke among my friends - I don't watch television... It's not that I don't like anything that's on - I might if I thought to turn it on, but it just never crossed my mind. So I thought I would try another approach to something that consumes, sometimes meaninglessly, a lot of my time. Yes, I set myself the challenge of four days without Facebook.

Epic fail! I logged in every day - usually more than once...

Facebook is my connection to my family, my source of news (along with Farming Today and the Today Programme, because that's when I wake up...), and my inspiration. It's also a time vampire...

I can't judge myself for reading posts and shares from people I respect to help shape my understanding of things going on in the world. I can't judge myself for checking out posts from family, and even sharing a few when I felt the message would help. I can't even blame myself for the rabbit holes of research I can fall down when a post captures my mind.

On the other hand...

Just how many tests about what my patronus would be or the colour of my soul does one girl need to take? Sadly, sometimes the answer sometimes seems to be "just one more..."

I know myself well enough to recognise escapism and avoidance techniques. I'm just working on figuring out what I need to face - if anything - or whether, maybe, my mind just sometimes needs a break... Maybe I can find a quiz about that - I'll just check Facebook...


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Go to the profile of Mark Cuddy
almost 5 years ago
You watch less TV than me! This Facebook thing though is not my cup of Lady Grey but you make it sound exciting and makes me wonder what colour is my soul. Probably a deep green or royal blue me thinks. Yeah-yeah!
Go to the profile of Jacqui
almost 5 years ago
This is so interesting. Perhaps the aim us not to wholly cut things out but to use them mindfully. Then we are not under its power rather using it in our life when it is needed. And sometimes relaxing distractions are needed!
Go to the profile of Fiona Dolben
almost 5 years ago
FB fail totally forgiven if it is your link to family, how could you be expected to give up on that. I love the fact you never watch tv!! How much more productive must you be? x