​Great Wake Up Blog: Week #46

This week's challenge was to take note, of literally everything...

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This week's challenge was to take note, of literally everything...

I love the expression 'take note' - it reminds me of Eighties corporate comedies; shoulder-padded executives (of all genders) striding across boardrooms barking 'take note of that, Bob' or 'take note, Sue Ellen'. Chris' assignment this week was to keep a notebook at all times and to make note of what there is out there in the world worth noting.

I usually do keep a notebook with me when I'm outside of the house (one in my work bag and a couple at my desk, with at least one to every meeting), and I have a surplus of them in my house because beautiful stationery has a siren's song to me and I cannot resist it.

This week was a wonderful experiment in letting the brain just work on its own. Having a notebook at my side, consciously, had the unexpected side effect of encouraging my creativity, as well as my perceptiveness about the world around me. I took note of a cool statue I saw in an art gallery, and then looked back on the statue note, only to find an idea for a short story had emerged, unformed but still there. Taking note of a beautiful sky at work as the sun set reminded me to look up similar images on Google to use as reference images for some weekend painting.

I've slowly been coming round to the idea that wriitng stuff down is incredibly beneficial for your mental health - at work, your brain is immediately less cluttered; in your personal life, you can look back and enjoy those pleasures and sights and sounds again, even if it's filtered through your memory. This week calcified this resolution for me - if not for my mental health, then as a subtle, sweet reminder that the world, even when it's dark and full of terrors, is also beautiful, beautiful, beautiful too.


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about 5 years ago
I'm with you with the stationery and it being an aid to mental health.
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about 5 years ago
Three cheers for stationery addicts! And it is amazing how the act of writing something down can add meaning and spark ideas!