What can we do to stop climate change?

15 easy things we can do to slow climate change

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So Trump is allegedly going to renege on the Paris climate deals that Obama has committed to. It makes me despair. Watching this clip of Naomi Klein with her son at the bleached Barrier reef added to my sense of helplessness.

So what can you and I do to slow climate change? I didn't know the answers but here is what I found:

  1. Buy local so that your food is travelling fewer miles and so that you are supporting your local farmers.
  2. Use your car less. Walk or cycle to keep fit at the same time or use public transport or car share. Think about if you can work closer to home, if your kids can go to a school which is nearer to where you live so they can walk to school.
  3. Use less electricity - turn off lights, don't leave things on standby, use LED light bulbs
  4. Plant trees and plants for local biodiversity and to increase the lung capacity of the planet by soaking up atmospheric carbon
  5. Plant bee friendly flowers
  6. Use human power rather than electricity eg use a hand powered lawn mower or an old fashioned hand whisk rather than the electric version. Yes it might take more effort and time, but again increases your daily activity levels
  7. Re-use and recycle - give things to charity, pass them onto people who need what you don't need, be imaginative and get creative.
  8. Insulate your home as much as possible
  9. Travel by plane less - take the train or a coach.
  10. Never leave a tap dripping and don't waste water. Capture rain water in butts for use on the garden.
  11. Dry your clothes outside or use passive heat to dry them eg using washing racks rather than tumble dryers
  12. Only buy the amount of food you are going to eat and cut down on meat
  13. Investigate renewable energy suppliers and invest in them
  14. Make sure the dishwasher and washing machine are full when you use them
  15. Speak up for the environment when you get a chance. Make a stand at your place of work or at your kids' school to increase environmentally aware decisions.

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