​Great Wake Up Blog: Week #45

This week we were tasked with talking about an untold story of our past to someone new, or to someone close to us...

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This week we were tasked with talking about an untold story of our past to someone new, or to someone close to us...

We all have our stories - good, bad, and ugly - and it's sometimes hard to talk about it, to share a story from your past for whatever reason. Guilt, shame, grief, pain, anxiety.

This week's assignment, therefore, was a little bit challenging, in a excavating sense. I'm pretty honest and open with most of my stories - self-deprecation is the new black after all. However, I still have a few that I've yet to open up about.

So, with some trepidation and shaky hands, I chose one of my best friends whom I was seeing for dinner on the week in question, and brought it up at the end of the evening when we were walking home. I was honest, and told my friend something embarrassing that had occured when I was a teenager.

It was... gut-wrenching and terrifying and yet at the same time oddly liberating. My friend, god love them, took it completely on the chin, and vollied back with an equally 'embarrassing' story. It was open to compassion and empathy, not to disgust or dismay. I walked away feeling closer than ever to my friend, and all for the sake of one little story I had kept buried for a long time.

Do I recommend it for everyone? Yes and no. Everyone should adopt a more open and empathetic look to people and their pasts - everyone in the world has messed up, big or small, and to approach it with anger and self-righteousness helps no one. However, if you're not comfortable sharing an element or experience in your life - don't. It's yours to control and to share. It's all about drawing that fine line between openness and obsequiousness, between agency and inaccessibility. It's entirely up to you - but you might just end up feeling all the better for it...


Go to the profile of Chris Baréz-Brown
Chris Baréz-Brown over 4 years ago

Chris, that is great to hear. Brave step and glad it hit the mark. Big love, C x

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Sarah-Kate Goodwin over 4 years ago

The greatest smack in the face is when you receive such a humble, non dramatic response and your friend proves to be just that - your friend, without judgement. Lovely post Chris