​Great Wake Up Blog: Week #44

This week's assignment of sorts was to let the music take us in the moment...

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This week's assignment of sorts was to let the music take us in the moment...

So, this week we were challenged to actually compose a little song. I love to write and I spend my waking day surrounded by music, so the idea of writing a song was a little bit intriguing. However, actually writing it was hard. Weirdly, annoyingly hard. It was definitely a challenge if nothing else, and it gave me a chance to re-explore some skillsets I hadn't used in years (I used to be a big poetry writer as a kid).

I ended up taking half an hour out, blocking out all distractions, and letting my brain wander to bring out the lyrics. I ended up channelling the beat of Imogen Heap's 'Me the Machine', a song about electronic connection and humanity, which in turn inspired some of the lyrics.

The week's challenge was fun and a bit trippy and challenging in the best way. I won't be rivalling Max Martin or Sia or Bob Dylan as a songwriter or lyricist anytime soon, but it's nice to know I have something there.

Below is the first-draft, really-rough, not-edited-from-my-stream-of-consciousness lyrics to the beat of aforementioned Imogen Heap tune:

"Spend all your time in the rhythm,

Don't unplug, don't chance it!

One two, some fresh air now

Let the beat lead to dancing.

Spent all my time in introspect

Takes a village to be brave

Relax, wake the new world

Born on a tidal wave!"


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about 5 years ago
That's great Chris, I don't know the Imogen tune but your poem raps well and suspect will be my ear worm today. Thanks!