Yoga for Fibromyalgia

Here is a new pilot study about the benefits of yoga for abnormal pain processing in fibromyalgia.

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Good evening everyone. Isn't it dark now that the clocks have gone back? Feels all cosy and Autumnal!

Here is a new pilot study about the benefits of yoga for abnormal pain processing in fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia is a long-term (chronic) condition that can cause widespread pain and tenderness over much of the body. It's more common than many people think in fact; up to 1 person in every 25 may be affected. In the past, other terms were used to describe the condition, including muscular rheumatism and fibrositis. The condition may even have been misdiagnosed as degenerative joint disease. It is know known that fibromyalgia isn't linked to inflammatory or degenerative arthritis, even though the symptoms may sometimes be very similar.

In this new pilot study linked below, pilot data was collected from 7 female fibromyalgia patients to determine if initial evidence indicates that mindful yoga can modulate the abnormal pain processing that characterizes fibromyalgia. Pre- and post-treatment data were obtained on quantitative sensory tests and measures of symptoms, functional deficits, and coping abilities. Separation test analyses indicated significant improvements in heat pain tolerance, pressure pain threshold, and heat pain after-sensations at post-treatment. Fibromyalgia symptoms and functional deficits also improved significantly, including physical tests of strength and balance, and pain coping strategies.

These are very exciting findings that will, no doubt, offer hope to fibromyalgia sufferers and their families. This pilot should hopefully spur further investigation into the effect of mindful yoga on neurobiological pain processing. A fabulous prospect :)

Heather Mason

Founder of the Minded Institute, The Minded Institute

Heather Mason is a leader in the field of mind-body therapy and the founder of Yoga Therapy for the Mind. She develops innovative methods for mental health treatment drawing on her robust educational background including an MA in Psychotherapy, an MA in Buddhist Studies, studies in Neuroscience and a current MSc in Medical Physiology.. She is also a 500 RYT, a yoga therapist and an MBCT facilitator. Heather offers various professional trainings for yoga teachers, healthcare professionals and therapists, lectures around the world, and delivers training to medical students. She also develops protocols for different client populations by translating cutting edge research from the psycho-biology and neuro-biology of stress into yoga practices, breathwork, mindfulness interventions and therapeutic holding. Further she is involved in research on the efficacy of these practices, holds the annual UK yoga therapy conference and is blazing the trail for the integration of yoga therapy into the NHS