This is what happens when wake up people meet up

(Birmingham 26/10/2016)

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I was really looking forward to meeting Jacqui and Fi for the first time and Vanessa for only the second time and even the beginning of a pesky cold and horrendous train disruptions couldn’t stop me as I headed for Birmingham.

When I arrived at Birmingham Moor Street I had time on my hands and decided to walk through the Bull Ring and spotted a HMV store. I was drawn to the Definitive Blues Brothers soundtrack and saw the irony of purchasing something for myself, apart from food, water and clothes, for the first time since the challenge that was ‘stuffocaion’. How bizarre, I’ve had no interest in stuff and then because I had time to kill on the way to a Wake Up meet up there I was buying stuff – strange.

Being first to arrive at the Tapas Revolution in Grand Central Station I ordered a pot of tea and was only slightly disappointed they didn’t do Lapsang Souchong or Earl Grey (‘Lappy’ or ‘Earl’ would have aided the sniff-snaffs to stay away but it seems they’ve never heard of them in Spain). So, I chatted with the waitress who found me slightly suspicious when I told her that I was waiting for three women, two I’d never met before and the other woman I’d only met once in London on a dark night. The waitress gave me the impression she thought I was either a Walter Mitty-style character, an English Warren Beatty or part of some cult called ‘wake up’, ahem.

Then I spotted Vanessa – yeah-yeah! I recognised her from meeting her briefly back at the start of the Wake Up launch in London in January. That was two of us from the cult. We said our hellos and then poor Vanessa’s ears got bashed from my verbal diarrhoea. If I talked too much I can always blame it on the beginning of the sniff-snaffs!

Then Fi was next to arrive and after saying our hellos and pleasantries were exchanged we all chatted in a slightly nervous way because this was the first time Vanessa or I had met Fi and we were all a little unsure of what the rules were. We knew Jacqui would be arriving a little later so after more chat we ordered some tapas. The nervousness then morphed into nice warmth between new friends who had at least one link in common between them.

Then Jacqui arrived and all Hell broke loose and she put us all on detention, Vanessa got the cane and Fi and I wrote a hundred lines on “I must not…”

NO, no, no, no, no, no I just made that up. The truth was when Jacqui arrived I felt our little group/cult was complete and everybody just talked and talked like we were all best of mates who hadn’t seen each other for a while and were catching up. This is amazing when you think about it, for four strangers, from different parts of the UK, four separate lives all coming together because of the Great Wake Up and interacting the way we did. I feel we all spoke free and easy. I even let other people have a turn in talking – honest!

The next couple of hours passed too quickly and then it was sadly time for everyone to think about making plans to go our separate ways back to Wales, Yorkshire, Cambridgeshire and Great Malvern. And it is at this point I want to say something that may or may not embarrass Fi, Jacqui and Vanessa – I totally loved your company today! I really loved your company. You are special people.

Before we left Jacqui or Fi said it would be great to do this again, possibly somewhere else. I couldn’t agree more because for me it was a pleasure and I hope next time it will be longer (now that’s not something Warren Beatty ever heard anyone say to him – ahem).

Thank you, Vanessa, Fi and Jacqui from the bottom of my heart for a wonderful time and at no point did I feel like Macbeth – honest!

Until next time and I hope there is a next time and if anyone else fancies it you're more than welcome to join us, this is what happens when wake up people meet up.

Take it easy

Mark Cuddy

Someone who learned to wake up


Go to the profile of Jacqui
about 5 years ago
Mark it was great fun and shows how well people can get on!
Go to the profile of Sarah-Kate Goodwin
about 5 years ago
hahaha this post made me laugh a lot Mark, you really do wear your heart on your sleeve and that is so refreshing. I especially enjoyed your moment of telling the waitress who you were waiting on - comedy gold! Reminded me also of a moshka song "Across the islands, across the sea, the roots and branches of one tree". If I can make the next one Id love to come!
Go to the profile of Mark Cuddy
about 5 years ago
Sarah-Kate, for me it was superb and I hope if there is a next time you can meet up with us and hopefully others too including the ones who started it but life (as usual) got in the way and they couldn't find the time to complete it or take part. The only downside to the day was that pesky cold has got the better of me and I'm still trying to shift it since last Wednesday. I've since christened him; The Bastard-of-Birmingham!This makes the fight between me and him more visual. He has had me on the ropes and tried to knock me down a few times but I've got a great chin and I think I'm wearing him down a little now. A few more rounds and I think it will a technical knockout in my favour and there's only one thing left to say; yeah-yeah!!