​Great Wake Up Blog: Week #42

In which we talk about the things we love about ourselves...

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In which we talk about the things we love about ourselves...

Talking about loving myself? Not a besmirchment, you see, but a positive affirmation against the negative backwash of media that insists you have something wrong that needs fixing. You have a tummy? Liposuction can fix that! You have something benignly unusual about your body? Surgery or medical products can fix that! It's exhausting the pressure we're all subjected to, and to have the audacity to say 'I actually love myself as I am' is a bit of a revolution.

This week's challenge, however, was a bit slow in starting and it took me a bit of time to block out a chunk of time to meditate on what I actually love about myself. It was, of course, soul searching, and when I started off, I had to turn on some cliche empowering music to actually get me in the right frame of mind of loving myself.

And then, once I got started, it was okay. I dug deep, past layers of insecurities and hurtful stuff I'd done in the past, and actually started making a list of stuff I liked about myself. I found out that, even when I'm in a low place and feeling useless, I still have good qualities. I'm still a good person, even though I'm flawed, and just because I make mistakes, it doesn't mean I'm worth writing off. I love myself. Writing that was a bit of a big step forward, because while we get peddled 'self empowerment', it often comes hand in hand with ways to improve that might not be that useful.

This experiment wasn't the big transformation I think I was half-expecting it to be, but it did challenge and allow me to evaluate some things. Whenever my mood gets low, I'll keep the list I did as a little buoy to keep me above water in stormy seas, and for that I'll always be grateful.