​Great Wake Up Blog: Weeks #40 & #41

Two weeks, one app, and some stretching of the legs...

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Two weeks, one app, and some stretching of the legs...

Apologies for the lateness of these blogs - I've been starting my first Master's module and it's been quite intense so far!

Week 40 - I took time off and downloaded the Great Wake Up! app to my tablet and it's proved to be pretty good so far, although I'll admit I've had limited time to actually sit down and use it at the moment.

Week 41 - we got challenged to stand up whenever we were able to, which, as someone who commutes to work, was a bit of an interesting challenge. I tend to guard my bus journeys as a time for reading (while seated) and listening to music (again also seated), and while i failed to do it a couple of times out of sheer sleepiness and habit, I did do it a few times in the week in question, and it was quite... nice. I still listened to my music, and got a different perspective on my routes and even practised my multitasking skills (changing a song while holding onto a bus strap).

At work it was a little harder - I have to do a lot of my work at a typical sit-down desk, and while a standing desk (or ideally an adjustable one - let's be honest, sometimes you just want to sit down) would be preferred, I'm a tall guy and standing to bend over to type at my desk for long periods of time would have ruined my back and my posture.

I did however, walk around a lot more and stand a lot more, and while it didn't make a massive, sizeable difference, it was more of a nice change in literal and physical perspective. I might not be trading in my comfy bus seat for standing every day, but I certainly won't be chalking this one down in the loses column...


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about 5 years ago
Thanks Chris, yep, standing desk tough without the infrastructure, boxes sometimes work? Thanks for finding space in your busy schedule, sounds like exciting times ahead! C x