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I'm looking for really excellent and experienced trainers in personal development who share my passion for women's development. I have a business model which is ethical and caring; I'm trying to create a supportive community of trainers doing it 'our way', not the traditional male model of competitiveness. If this sounds appealing do read on and think about joining us next month in beautiful Bath.

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If you’re a trainer with a passion like mine for women’s personal development, I have an exciting opportunity which will help you grow *your training business and help women the world over!

I’ve been passionate about helping women develop to their full potential, to be the very best that they can be, for most of my working life. It has been my ‘magnificent obsession’, to help make a world where women can truly be valued for their unique gifts and attributes and to live the life they choose, without having to behave like men. I’ve been successfully delivering women’s courses and coaching across the globe for many years. I also write a blog aimed specifically at women interested in their own personal development.

However, the project about which I am most passionate (and proud), is my RenewYou course for women. This one day course, more than anything else I’ve done, has really helped women improve their lives, boosting their confidence and skills to become the best they can be!

One Million Women & RenewYou & You

I want as many women as possible to benefit from this life changing experience; in fact I want a MILLION WOMEN to experience it! Obviously I can’t quite manage that all by myself, so I am looking for experienced women’s personal development trainers or coaches, who want to get involved.

Can you help empower a million women with me?

To reach a million women, I have worked hard to develop a licensing business model that is fair and transparent and works really well for serious businesswomen. It is not an associate scheme and you remain in charge of your own business. It offers you genuine support with marketing and selling; it’s a really good product to deliver with a proven track record of success.

If you’d like to hear me being interviewed about RenewYou please click this link. Apologies for the background noise; we were in a BBC bar.

I want all my RenewYou Trainers to be successful in all areas of their business: my business model works on us both being successful and I offer you genuine (and I believe unparalleled) support and help with delivering RenewYou successfully. Every trainer is personally selected by me and each licensing course is personally delivered by me. In addition, once accepted as a RenewYou trainer, you will receive the following support, all part of your licensing contract:

  • A trainer manual which contains everything you need to deliver the RenewYou course
  • A copy of the RenewYou journal plus the opportunity to buy a RenewYou course starter pack at a special price
  • One full day with me covering the course itself and advice on putting on your first course or individual one to one sessions if that suits you better
  • Follow up one to one coaching support with me as you begin delivering RenewYou
  • Advertising of your RenewYou courses on my website
  • A totally private section of the Changing People website, accessible by password only, where you can upload details of your courses for public viewing, order books etc but more importantly talk freely with other trainers sharing ideas and experience. When you join RenewYou you become part of a community of like minded women where cross fertilisation and support is actively encouraged. This is not a traditional business. We even have audio of the training manual should you feel in need of a refresher at any time.
  • Links from the Changing People website to your own website pages (to benefit fully it’s necessary that you have a business website)
  • National advertising campaigns. For example, Psychologies magazine has featured an ad for RenewYou every month over the past year and will do so for the foreseeable future. We’ve also had a feature in a pull out supplement of The Guardian newspaper. This is at my cost, not yours. Trainers tell me they have had many enquiries and bookings as a result of these ads so all the time they are working well for my trainers I’ll keep placing them

  • Inclusion in a Pinterest page of specialist RenewYou trainers linking back to your website
  • A unique Twitter hash-tag to promote RenewYou via social media and advice on how to get the best from Twitter
  • A RenewYou group on LinkedIn open to everyone interested in women’s personal development where you can post articles of interest, and advertise your courses

Marketing Advice & Support From an International Marketing Coach, exclusive to RenewYou specialists.

I only recruit experienced trainers with proven business experience. I know that, however good the product (and RenewYou is a very good product) a stumbling block for many trainers is the marketing aspect. I know because I’ve been there. I loved my work but I used to hate the marketing & selling bit. Now I genuinely love both and it’s no longer a chore, simply part of what I do.

What I did was find one of the best marketing coaches out there and we have worked together successfully for many years. I can’t tell you just how much I have learned from him and how it has transformed my business. I want you to share in that too. I am so pleased to tell you that I negotiated with Jim Connolly to share with you his expert advice and knowledge tailored specifically for RenewYou trainers. This is brilliant news and I think we’re unique in offering it at no extra cost to licence holders. Jim has written exclusive tailored blog posts for RenewYou trainers all within the specialist section of the site, and answering your individual questions in the private trainer only forums. If you’d like to know more about Jim Connolly check out his about page on his own website and you’ll see why I’m so pleased. Click here to read more about Jim Connolly .

Be Part of the RenewYou ‘Family’.

The quote below is from one of my first RenewYou specialists:

I have never felt so welcomed to an event and felt like I was part of a big familyLinda Huckle

Comments like that from Linda really make me smile as part of my dream is to have a network of trainers helping and inspiring each other, so far it’s working!

Here’s another from Laura Mansfield, our very first US trainer:

I knew that Jane’s RenewYou workshop was an amazing program which is why I was so pleased to become her first licensed trainer in the United States. I was confident that the women who attended would be as uplifted and inspired as I was when I went through the program. And I was right. What I didn’t anticipate was the amazing burst of energy and inspiration that I’d receive every time I facilitated the workshop. It’s more than the feedback and good feelings from the group that leave me feeling so enthusiastic. It’s the content of the workshop itself. Each time I deliver the course, I learn something new about myself and come away with new ideas for my business and my life. I return home energized, my mind racing with all sorts of new ideas that I can’t wait to put into practice. It literally takes me a day or two to come down from my mental high. Whether as a trainer or a participant, all I can say is don’t miss RenewYou!
Laura J. Mansfield, New Jersey, USA.

I want to help you grow your business too. We have a diverse network of trainers across all cultures, ethnicity, backgrounds and faiths and are committed to equal opportunity. If you’re looking for a proven, quality addition to your training repertoire, as well as an opportunity to further your own professional development, to help women achieve their aims and aspirations, and you’d like to be part of this friendly and welcoming network, read on.

How to Become a RenewYou Licensed Trainer

It is not necessary to have experienced a RenewYou course yourself to become licensed as all is explained on the licensing day itself. That said, many potential trainers do choose to go on an open course and have found it really helpful both professionally and personally. Experienced trainers will be licensed at venues across the *UK to deliver the very successful women’s personal development RenewYou course.The first group (pictured) were licensed in Bristol in March 2013 and these are some of their comments:

I think the course is AMAZING and I feel really energised about running it.Patricia Cresswell The RenewYou training was fantastic. I have arrived home brimful of energy to take this fabulous training forward.” Karen Constantine

Jane… thanks for a fantastic day. I feel privileged that you trust me with your ‘baby‘.” Marcia Ore

Thanks for an enjoyable day! I for one feel lucky to be part of the new venture.” Alison Terry

Delighted to be one of the very first trainers licensed… The RenewYou course is well designed and the materials are fab. To my mind there’s something very seductive about the journal format – bite size chunks of inspiration to fit around women’s busy lives.Felicity Dwyer

RenewYou is the course I have been looking to deliver for years – it brings together all that I love: personal development, making a positive difference and helping women to succeed – I can’t wait to get started – Thanks, Jane” Jayne Saul-Paterson

Licensing Course Dates

We’re fast building a select band of excellent trainers across the world; it’s a great group to be part of. If you are interested please email me on, expressing your interest in RenewYou, along with an up-to-date CV or a summary of your experience. Please note, I always talk personally (and informally) to all interested trainers once we’ve received your information. It’s not a hard sell conversation, simply an opportunity to check if becoming a RenewYou specialist is a good fit for your business. Please note, to get the very best out of the support which we offer it’s usually necessary to have a website, or be in the process of setting one up.

These are the dates and locations for the next licensing courses. I keep the events small, informal and friendly and courses fill up fast. If these dates don’t work for you, contact me; we can be very flexible and one to one is possible anywhere in the world.

2015 Dates & Venues for RenewYou Licensing

20th April
in BATH Pratt’s Hotel
5 minutes walk from Bath Spa station. Booking now. 60% full

1st June in MANCHESTER – Venue to be confirmed. Booking now. 50% full

28th September in CARDIFF – Venue to be confirmed. Booking now.

6th November in YORK The Royal York Hotel- 2 minutes walk from York Station, in fact it was the original station hotel.

For Trainers Outside the UK

If you are a trainer outside of the UK, or unable to make one of the dates above, I have the answer for you. I’ve developed a model of direct training, one to one with me, tailored specifically to your business. We will use Skype and arrange a series of one to one sessions. Please email me to find out more. If you have internet we can work together.

*In House Trainers/Corporate Training

If you’re an in house trainer you can meet many of your equality targets by offering courses easily and have access to some of the latest thinking on issues for professional women, updated regularly. If you need to get more women into senior positions in your organisation, or have a lot of change happening, RenewYou is an excellent starting point and is suitable for every woman in your organisation. Many organisations, for example the NHS, have used RenewYou as a support for staff during times of reorganisation and change. It is also possible to arrange for all your L&D team to become licensed with ongoing support from Changing People. Please click this link for more specific information.

Praise for RenewYou

Here is what one participant said:

I would thoroughly recommend Renew You for anyone who is looking to make change in the working life and also for those who are finding that their role has changed and they need to be clear in their mind of their direction. A thought provoking and satisfying day! Renew you is absolutely the right title!” Jane Weaver AYS Couriers

I’m pleased to tell you that Jane went on to win Everywoman’s Director of the Year! (And invited me to the awards lunch at the London Savoy Hotel, thank you, Jane!) And this from a woman who is now my ‘refreshingly different’ accountant:

“I just wanted to say a few words about your wonderful course!I really enjoyed the day and met some wonderful people. The exercise on labels really struck a chord and I have been thinking about it ever since. The whole day really focussed my mind on what I want to do. Thank you.” Sue Paulley Director, Chartex, Refreshingly Different Accountants!

And here’s a comment from one of the very first licensed trainers after she had delivered her first course:

I can warmly recommend the RenewYou Licensing for any trainer who has a genuine commitment to supporting women’s development. The RenewYou course is well designed and supported by the high quality workbook/journal. Jane is incredibly straightforward and fair in her licensing terms, and could not be more supportive in proving advice and encouragement in promoting the programme. An unexpected bonus of becoming a RenewYou licensed trainer has been becoming part of a supportive and encouraging network of other trainers, with an active private *Linked In group giving us the means to stay in touch.” Felicity Dwyer

*Now replaced by our own exclusive private forum on my website. We just keep adding new things!

How to Register

If RenewYou looks like a good fit for your business, then I’d love to hear from you. Please email me with the following information: your name & address, your website link, training experience, and how you think RenewYou could benefit your business.

Once I receive your preliminary information we’ll have an informal phone conversation and take it from there. My aim is to keep costs down and quality high for trainers so there are no pre meetings to attend or updating days in person. It’s as important to me as it is to you that you make the right decision; if I don’t think it’s right for you, I’ll tell you honestly.No hard sell.

Add RenewYou to your repertoire and come and share in the success! I look forward to hearing from you.

For every course that runs I’ll be making a donation to my favourite charity Womankind.

If you’d like to read more on how RenewYou came into being, click here .

Jane C Woods

Women's Personal Development Specialist - Changing People, -

Hi, I’m Jane C Woods and I have an absolute passion for helping women achieve success in their lives. Be it the glass ceiling, the crystal maze, or very personal issues, I’m all about helping women achieve to their full potential and live the way they want to without being carbon copies of men. But I’m not about putting men down in order for women to get ahead, there’s plenty of room; I just want the guys to shifty up a bit… If my face looks familiar it's because I love Psychologies magazine (I've been buying it since the very first issue, such a good resource) and it's the only place I choose to advertise my courses. I write on women’s issues on my blog,, and am regularly featured in magazines, and on radio, but I’m probably best known for RenewYou. RenewYou is my one day personal development course for women. We have an international network of experienced, specialist women licensed to deliver it and empower women across the globe. Our goal is to reach one million women. It’s a big goal but… In 2013 we started with a single RenewYou specialist, me. Now you can find a RenewYou Courses across the UK, in the USA, Canada, Greece, Bangkok, Pakistan, South Africa, Belgium, with new countries being added all the time. My dream was to create a thriving and caring business on ethical, and dare I say, feminine terms, with a real community spirit of help and encouragement. And it’s actually happening with the support, expertise, and enthusiasm of my wonderful trainers. I think, (apart from my two lovely kids, a daughter and a son) that it’s probably my proudest achievement to date. Wonderful Changing People Women: One of the joys and privileges of my work is that I’ve connected with some really inspirational and wonderful women – from politics to entertainment to academia. They include: TV presenter, house fixer and matchmaker Sarah Beeny Amazing entrepreneur Sam Roddick of Coco de Mer Outspoken and entertaining academic Mary Beard Politicians like Siobhan Benita and Natalie Bennett Ex BBC broadcaster Miriam O’Reilly who bravely took on the might of the BBC- and triumphed A very rare interview with Sarah Montague, of the influential BBC Radio 4 Today programme I hope you like the posts and I hope they are helpful. Live life to the max and never hide your light under any bushels!