Learning To Own My Story

My search for meaningful connection

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The conversations I have via text or messaging apps tend to go a little like this:

‘Sorry, running 10mins late’

‘You free tomorrow?’


*Can be replaced by other acronyms.

I normally use this form of communication for very specific purposes – to make arrangements or to quickly check-in with someone. It’s a great way to contact someone when you can’t have a full conversation with them.

But occasionally a message comes through that is different to those I usually send and receive. A message that I don’t dismiss as soon as it’s been read. One that stays with me long after I’ve opened it.

I experienced this a week ago when I received an unexpected message from someone close to me who knew my story. The words were simple enough but had a deep impact on me.

The message was: Always proud of you! You are walking your own beautiful path.

It was the second part of the message that I instantly felt a connection to.

In that moment I noticed a shift inside me. I went from being somewhat downbeat and negative, to feeling empowered and excited. I began to realise that I haven’t failed because I’m different and that my path is just as valid as other people’s.

I felt a new sense of control, that it was okay to do things in my own unique way.

I’m not odd or strange. Well, not completely anyway! LOL!! (See what I did there?!).

I can be brave about doing my own thing. It may not be what I’d originally planned for myself but now that I’m here I want to make the most of it.

It’s not easy, but when you hear the words that I did it helps enormously. I realised that people do understand and there are those who are willing to look deeper. In turn that has helped me look deeper too.

I saw that the moments when I feel truly connected with myself are available and within reach. It took a single moment to help me appreciate that but it’s a moment that I’ll hold on to.

I took a risk, I opened up and reached out and received something priceless in return.

And I want to thank that person for taking a moment to type those words and for giving me that gift. You have helped me more than you know.


The Connected Outsider

I have always felt like an ‘outsider’ in life for a number of reasons, and as I’ve gotten older I’ve come to realise just how many other women feel this way. I recently turned forty which has forced me to do something about this, and my blog posts tell the story about my search for meaningful connections – not just with other people, but also with myself and even the world around me.