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What inspired me to set up a Happiness Club...

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"You'll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine" John C. Maxwell

Hello, and thank you for reading my introductory post on here! So why have I chosen to set up a Happiness Club? Three reasons.

First, I have experienced the happiness shift that a tiny daily change - like the ones we will make in the Club - can make. In early December, I was cooped up at home with a nasty cold, feeling sorry for myself. I had read about keeping a gratitude journal in Psychologies magazine and decided to give it a go, committing to write just 3 gratitudes before bed. Once I started writing, I couldn't stop! I found myself describing in detail moments with my daughter which otherwise would have become a blur. But that was just the start. Within days I was waking up feeling more relaxed. During the day, I am aware of the good stuff - as if my brain has shifted into a different gear. It is such a pleasure writing a diary and not falling into the 'must do x' 'probably should y' trap. Nothing in my external circumstance had changed, and yet I felt totally different about it all.

Second, I like that the Club is based on 10 monthly themes consistently shown to make people's lives happier and more fulfilling - a logical structure grounded in research and in the fascinating field of positive psychology.

Finally, unlike a lot of 'self development' and 'self help', this is a social thing, so we can grow on a journey together and build a local communitiy - its more fun that way.

Our first meet is in a couple of weeks and we have a rather big group – which will bring its own challenges! I’ll report back after that…

Maya Gudka, Executive Coach, London Business School

Executive Coach & Facilitator; Positive Psychology Practitioner & Researcher; , YourPlate; London Business School

I use evidence-based Positive Psychology approaches, as well as years of Economics Consulting experience to access the right level of breadth and depth for each client on their personal and professional journey. I am one half of YourPlate, which uses strengths and personality based approaches to make lasting shifts in Nutrition and Health behaviours, with a fortnightly podcast where Nutrition meets Positive Psychology. I coach and facilitate on Leadership Programmes for London Business School Executives and am currently researching Leader Development.


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almost 7 years ago
Love this! I'm a massive fan of baby steps! x