Stare At The Sky

Week 38 of 'The Great Wake Up!'

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This week's experiment involved lying on a piece of grass and staring at the sky. As simple as that.

Over the past few years I've done this a lot during the summer when the weather has been good. I've found that it helps when I'm stressed as it brings a feeling of calm into my life.

And I definitely felt that way when I tried it this week too.

There's something about lying back, feeling the warmth of the sun on my face and the grass on my back, and looking out into the vastness of the sky that is really relaxing.

I watch the birds flying around and wonder what that must be like.

I see the planes passing overhead leaving trails behind them. I think of all the people inside who are travelling to new and exciting destinations, places I've only ever heard of but never been to myself.

I look at the clouds in their different shapes floating gently across the sky.

Watching all this helps put my worries into context. It makes me realise how big the world is, how much is going on out there, and how lost and caught up I can get in my own little piece of it. It helps to see that my worries aren't usually as big as I'd thought.

It's fascinating how such a simple act can help me to feel genuinely relaxed, content and more aware.


I started off as a Great Wake Up! blogger but that wonderful project has sadly come to an end so now I am writing about being an introvert. I, like many other introverts, can feel lost as more and more value is placed on the number of connections we make rather than their quality. I often find myself in situations where I don't fit in and where louder people get a greater share of the focus. I am regularly seen as 'the quiet one' as if somehow that is a bad thing, when in fact, I think it's a pretty good thing. This blog is about my journey to find out more about the introvert personality and embrace my quiet side.


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over 5 years ago
I love the comfort you take from realising we are just a tiny pea in a massive pod. I could just see your worries float away with the clouds, Preeti, you have definitely encouraged me to get back out there and take another look x