​Great Wake Up Blog: Week #37

Chris asked us to explore our imaginations this week - just what would we do with fifty million quid?

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Chris asked us to explore our imaginations this week - just what would we do with fifty million quid?

I don't anyone doesn't wish for a little more money sometimes. Whether it's something as lofty as wanting to own a Mercedes and Ferrari in every colour and model, or if it's something as solid as not having to worry about the roof over your head, everyone would like to a little bit extra.

Fifty million pounds? Not really 'extra'.

Chris' assignment this week was to get our brains going, and for us all to write down just what we do with that kind of money, in a way of seeing where our priorities were, and to let us evaluate and assess ourselves in a sense. Unfortunately, he didn't then give us the 50 million promised. (Boo!).

I started my list on a quiet-ish evening after work (I've recently started my Master's degree, so quiet evenings are a little rarer these days) and got cracking. A lot of stuff seemed obvious - splitting the money between me and my family, paying off student loans, paying off parents' mortgage, buying homes in New York and the South of France, donating a decent chunk to charity and non-profit organisations, treating my friends to amazing experiences, giving myself enough in the bank to live comfortably on for the rest of my life...

And that's when it hit me - the money would, generally, be aimed towards other people. It makes more sense now; when you receive that kind of money, you can't spend it all in a single lifetime (without getting involved in investments and businesses), and spending money on other people, making their lives better somehow, is infinitely appealing. It's the same logic that let JK Rowling drop off the billionaires' list due to the amount she donates to charity. The more you receive, the more you should want to give.

The experiment was fun - who doesn't mind a bit of indulgence now and again, even mentally - and it'd take someone of infinitely strong moral reserve to try and not be a little bit materialistic with fifty million - but it put things into a bit of perspective for me. You don't have to be a millionaire to give to the world, and you should only give as much as you can.


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over 5 years ago
Great Chris and super wise advice...nice one, C x