Week 37 Dream a little bit…

what would I do with 50 million pounds.

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Me and B went for a walk on Sunday to escape the chaos that is home with the new kitchen at half way point. I showed him my new secluded place which I found on last week’s experiment.

We sat on the bench by the river which feels like it belongs a little bit to Hannah and James’s ( names carved on it) and we had a bit of a chat about this week’s experiment. I was so happy that we were quite matched in our imaginary lists.

On this lane where we sat there is a house for sale which to me is perfect. It’s right by the river, and has a veranda where we could sit out and chew the fat of an evening…it a mixture of old and new- not perfect in finish but perfect for us. It lies just out of reach, coming on the market while my house is rented out and B’s isn’t quite ready to sell. It’s on sale for £260,000 which we don’t have. We went to see it last weekend, we fell in love with it. As Kirsty and Phil say, it ticked all the boxes. I’ve also always dreamed of owning an old Citroen ds I think they are so cool. (You’d probably need all that money to pay the garage bills to maintain one. ) So if I had won some money that would be it in terms of material things. Small potatoes I think you’d agree and quite a lot of change from 50 million quid. I’ve read the other bloggers thoughts and we are all a pretty ungreedy bunch from what I can make out.

I’ve never really felt jealous of material things, if someone had a new car I probably wouldn’t notice. I could appreciate someone having a nice house but I would be happy for them. For me in my earlier years I was more envious of people who were truly happy, of happy families with loads of children and couples. I used to stare longingly at them like a starving child in a Dickensian novel outside in the snow staring through a misty window at a family sitting down for a lovely meal. But now that’s me, I’m finally in a happy place, I sometimes have to pinch myself that I am so lucky and sometime worry it will be taken away from me once again.

Having said that if I did win some money (I can’t imagine 50 million ) here is my list - I would pay for my Mam to have private healthcare for her eyes and whatever else she needed and a new house if she wanted with no stairs. I would ensure my sister had the best treatment for her illness and that my nephew who has a rare condition would have the best possible care and my brother in law who has Parkinson's could travel to America to take part in a trial he has been talking about. I would ensure my son had enough to start his own business renovating property which he dreams to do and a new knee. I think it’s important that they still have a need to strive in life. I would be free to go ahead and plan the wedding – we wouldn’t really have to worry about how much everything cost- i still don't think it would be a posh do just maybe a do in our local with plenty of food and maybe we could afford a favourite band to play. I would pay for B to go to the British Lions tour which he has always dreamed of. I would pay for the local community to have some sustainable facilities and for the local rugby club to have the new club house they are fund raising for. I would take us around the world to experience different cultures and perhaps identifying charities on the way which I could donate to. I would give my sisters and brothers and friends 'peace of mind' amount of money. Perhaps I would hire a personal trainer.( I’d think about it anyway.ha) I would pay for one of my dearest friends to bring her large family over from Australia for a luxury holiday for all she has given me. My ultimate dream would be to open a holistic health clinic to help people with depression and other debilitating illnesses. I’d like to learn new things and I think this would be the greatest gift that money could buy- time to explore ideas and new experiences and of course future security. I’d love to do the Paris-Dakar, learn to rally drive, learn to fly , learn to sail and learn to ride a motorbike… you get the picture. I still don’t think I would come anywhere close to £50 million. I did once watch a tv programme about lottery winners and none of them looked very happy. Some of them had partied it all away with nothing to show from it, they stated they were no happier with or without.

I have long decided that the chances of winning the lottery are close to zero. I’ve always been lucky to have just enough. It must be truly awful to have to choose between food and heating for your children. Being happy and how I feel right now is something money cannot buy. I may have a small house and car, but we have food, and flowers around the door. I am healthy and I love and am loved , I’m about to embark on a life changing degree and that feels just priceless for me at my time in life right now. I think this is what it is to be rich. No amount of money can buy you that. Sorry if that sounds kind of smug. It’s not meant to be. I’m just very, very grateful for the positive turn my journey has taken.

Fiona Dolben

Acupuncturist, holistic therapist, content creator., Hemp Holisitics

I'm a single parent of ONE lovely lanky teenager.. I live in deepest rural Wales . My 'proper' job is in marketing and events but I am also a trained reflexologist, masseur and reiki giver (go figure!) I also look after my Mum who is in her late 80's, my dog Ted, my cat Black and my hens and goldfish...my dream is to have a small holding and offer people holidays in my teepee and maybe the odd therapy ....so as you can see I am a mass of contradictions.... I like to walk, do yoga, eat salad and visit new places but I also like to drive fast, Feast ice lollies, vodka on Friday's with friends(, which leads to dancing in my kitchen) my coffee , and staying up late... I can be outgoing but also extremely shy so like the rest of you I am still trying to figure it out one day at a time...


Go to the profile of Mark Cuddy
about 5 years ago
You're a very nice person. Reading your list I'd rather you win fifty million pound instead of anyone else because more people would benefit from it. And don't worry about feeling smug because your not smug at all. The problem is some people can't recognise happiness and self-confidence, they see this as arrogance or someone being cocky. This is a British problem. People would rather feel sorry for someone instead of enjoying the vibe of someone being happy. I hope you win fifty million squid! I really do. Take it easy.
Go to the profile of Jacqui
about 5 years ago
Oh my goodness this doesn't sound smug in the least! I love your dreams and that money would be used to create home and happiness for your friends and family.
Go to the profile of Vanessa
about 5 years ago
What a lovely wish list, Fi! I agree with, Mark - you get my vote to win!
Go to the profile of Fiona Dolben
about 5 years ago
Awww thank you :) Unfortunately the only thing we can't buy is health and until you haven't got it its difficult to imagine how it just takes the gloss of everything else in life. I wish more millionaires could see this and pay more for research into cancer and the cure. x
Go to the profile of Chris Baréz-Brown
about 5 years ago
Totally agreed!! Amazing list and as always a wonderfully written and inspirational post. Thanks Fi,, huge love, C xx