Flashing the flesh for Sane - the Bottom Line Project

Why all bums are equal - yes, even yours!

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The Bottom Line Project started when a couple of friends jokingly recreated a photo of a small child standing playing in a sink, butt-naked.

Others started joining in and it became apparent very quickly that many of them found it liberating to ‘flash the flesh’ and realise that actually they were ‘normal’, however much they disliked their own bodies. We are HUMAN – we may all be different, but we’re also all the same.

What I rapidly noticed when putting the project together is that despite being big/small/wide/saggy/whatever, all bottoms look pretty much the same - after all, they’re all used for the same purpose - to go to the loo and to sit on. People waste so much time worrying about their arse - more than any other part of their body, it seems to me - and yet when I scroll through the gallery I honestly cannot see major differences between the bums on display.

Those who have taken part so far keep telling me how fabulous it felt to literally put themselves ‘out there’ and to finally realise that no one was actually that bothered what they looked like.

I came up with the idea of ‘flashing the flesh for Sane’ as body image and mental health are so inextricably tied together in so many people’s minds. Understanding that we’re not all that different goes some tiny way towards realising that it doesn’t matter what you look like under your clothes - what is important is that you are happy in your own skin.

The project is still running and I’d love to get to the £500 target to help fund Sane’s research and support work. If you’d like to donate your bum or cash (preferably both!) then get in touch:

Email photos to violetfenn@gmail.com (standard phone pic is fine so long as it’s of decent quality). The only rule is no photoshopping - we want your bum as nature intended, wobbly bits and all!

Bottom Line Just Giving Page - flashing the flesh for Sane!

Violet x

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over 6 years ago
What a great idea. Have been getting my own 'bits' out recently in the name of improving body image and acceptance. It is very liberating! A great cause you're supporting too so well done, Susannah