Taking life in stride

In Week 36 of the Great Wake-Up our challenge was to turn off the phone, go for a walk and get lost...

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This has not been my best week for waking up... I've been poorly and not really up to wandering - especially around my tiny village that I've wandered at length, so getting lost would take some serious effort. I did manage to get lost one lunchtime watching the birds play in my garden fountain - time well spent, but not quite the point...

The big shame is that I love getting lost, wandering around new places and exploring interesting paths just to see where they lead. (This is a phenomenon that ended for a while with my childhood, but has enjoyed a revival since the advent of Google maps - because I can wander at will without worrying about finding myself again with my less than stellar internal compass.)

So, I'm parking this challenge for a few weeks, because I have a perfect opportunity up my sleeve... A few weeks back, I booked a three day trip to Paris purely to spend them getting lost in my favourite city. I'll report back anon!


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Go to the profile of Jacqui
Jacqui about 4 years ago

Oh getting a bit (!) lost in Paris...bliss!

Go to the profile of Vanessa
Vanessa about 4 years ago

I am so, so, so excited!!!

Go to the profile of Chris Baréz-Brown
Chris Baréz-Brown about 4 years ago

Great! Sounds like the perfect plan!! Paris beckons C x

Go to the profile of Ffi Ffi Trixibelle
Ffi Ffi Trixibelle about 4 years ago

Paris how lovely - this is the one you're doing on your own? Can't wait to hear about it.
Oh btw chicken pie recipe... very simple- brown chicken breasts in the pan with a little butter...add some chopped mushrooms,stir in some double cream and some fresh coriander, salt and pepper.. place in oven proof dish and top with scrunched up layers of shop bought filo pastry....cook for 20 minutes.

Go to the profile of Ffi Ffi Trixibelle
Ffi Ffi Trixibelle about 4 years ago

p.s I hope you feel better soonx

Go to the profile of Mark Cuddy
Mark Cuddy about 4 years ago

I am also looking forward to hearing about your Paris trip and Fi is right, get well soon. If you're too ill to go to Paris I'll go for you, ha, ha (what a cheeky monkey). Take care - drink lots of liquids and eat loads of garlic. Garlic in everything including porridge, ahem.

Go to the profile of Vanessa
Vanessa about 4 years ago

Thanks for the recipe, Fi, and, Mark, I'm sorry but nobody is getting their mitts on my Paris trip, even if I'm dying :-)