It's Time To Stop The Glorification Of Busy! Six Ways To Bust Out Of Busy And Step Into Being

​Are you habitually addicted to ‘busyness’? So many of us define ourselves and our business by using this 21st century disease as a measuring stick. Defining our value by just how full our inbox gets … ‘I’m so busy! I can’t, I’m far too busy! I've got so much to do! Sorry, I can’t stop I’m so busy!’ Seriously, are you really happy being that busy?

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I'm here to wave a red flag against this affliction affecting the masses.

Where did this desire for competitive ‘busyness’ come from? Is it because we measure our level of success against it?

Can I suggest that today you take a step away from your busyness, take a few deep breaths and give yourself some well-earned ‘Beingness’!

Robert Brault wrote ‘Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realise they were the big things’. This is a great reminder to take a step back from busy.

So to help your recovery from busynessitus I have put together a prescription of things that you can do (and BE) to make your day just that little more enjoyable.


1. Honour Me Time

Ditch the lap top, ditch the desk, ditch the guilt and book yourself in the diary. Get outside in the fresh air and treat yourself to a nice lunch, read a chapter of a book you enjoy, sip a coffee and read the paper. Take 15-minutes to be quiet, turn the phone off and get out of the office or the car. Practice breathing fully into your belly, your brain will thank you for it! Happiness comes from giving yourself a regular ‘brain break’. It’s amazing what we can see and experience when we stop the busy. A break allows you to recharge, regroup and see the day from a fresh perspective.

2. Do A Random Act Of Kindness

Leave a post it note with “Thanks for putting up with my ‘stress episodes’ lately- life is sooooo much better with you in it! ” in your partners purse or wallet. Hold a door open, grab cakes for everyone on the way to the meeting, help out with a tough piece of work without being asked, clean your workmate’s computer monitor, give flowers, pay a genuine compliment… It takes just a few minutes to make a difference in someone else’s day. Creating happiness for another has the by-product of creating it for yourself.

3. Laugh

As a Professional Professor of Laughter (A Giggleologist) I have proof that laughter can support the immune system, improve blood pressure, lower stress and reduce pain. So inject your day with some silliness! Watch a dancing elephant on YouTube… whatever tickles your funny bone. Go to the £1-00 shop and buy stick on moustaches for your work colleagues to wear after lunch? Point to yourself in the mirror whilst getting ready and just laugh; your physical body will love you for it. Happiness is laughter and when you spark a laugh in one person *bam!* the group will soon be laughing. It’s contagious.

4. Get Out, Get Moving

Don’t fool yourself, ‘having a break’ is not blobbing in front of the TV or disappearing down the internet rabbit hole. You’re not fully switched off staring at a screen. Our bodies need to move, so start your day with an early morning brisk walk before breakfast.Or why not take your office outside with a picnic of hot soup in a flask? Happiness comes from getting outside, breathing in the air, staring at the sky and feeling the air in your lungs.

5. Start A ‘Ta Daahh List’

We are very good at rattling off the things we haven’t done, or have to do. Instead take a moment to write down all the things you do achieve. I actually have a ‘Ta Daahh’ note book that I write in every day, and if you do manage to step out of your ‘busyness’ today then you can write this down as your most important achievement! Take time to note all the things you have done this very day, this week, this month and this year. There is great happiness in acknowledging what you’ve have achieved.

6. Get An Attitude Of Gratitude

Being busy means we are obsessed by what we haven’t done. We succumb to the weight of the ‘to do’ list and get caught up in the anxiety, self-doubt and resentment of working like a hamster in a wheel. Embracing an attitude of gratitude shifts our focus to celebrating and enjoying what we have and are truly being in the moment. There is happiness in saying thank you and being grateful for having a job that allows you to be busy.

Are you afflicted with ‘Busynessitus’?

What Busy Busters do you have?

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