​Great Wake Up Blog: Week #34

Chris' job for us Wake Up bloggers this week? Say no to something we usually say yes to. Oh, boy...

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Chris' job for us Wake Up bloggers this week? Say no to something we usually say yes to. Oh, boy...

Here's a bit of background on me: I am someone who says 'yes' a lot, particularly when it comes to juggling a lot of different topics and jobs and responsibilities. If I'm not doing a lot, I feel as though I'm falling behind or that I get bored easily (the latter of which is sort of true; I generally require some kind of stimuli otherwise my brain goes a little bit crazy). At work, I always volunteer for every kind of committee or help out whenever I can - even if I don't always have time to do so.

Therefore, this week's challenge of saying 'no' was a challenge in more ways than one - a challenge to go against everything that I'd been told not to do.

I made sure to apply this change at work and in degrees; I politely turned down a request to do some work for another team, and when my own work was done, I chose to focus on my own projects rather than instantly volunteering to help out another colleague. It was very weird, and if I'm honest, it felt as though I was letting them down. Setting boundaries is something that everyone should do, and this felt as though it was a strong exercise in this - whether or not it was successful remains to be seen.

Saying 'no' can be hard, but it can lead to actually doing more of what you want - politely saying no to that night out when you actually want to have an early night, saying no to movies you don't want to see. This experiment pushed things in the right direction for me, and while I think that I'll be fighting a natural inclination to say 'yes' all the time, I hope it'll help me achieve a balance between helping others and looking after myself.

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Chris Baréz-Brown over 4 years ago

Brilliant, sounded like quite a challenge so glad it resonated well for you. Big love, Chris X