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When we actually decide upon doing or having something it gains so much more power than merely wanting, hoping for, wishing or even intentionally visualising it.

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Have you ever had that experience when you’ve spotted something and it just seems to (metaphorically) slap you across the face?

That happened to me a while back from a Facebook image and quote - of which there are probably millions! But this one somehow blew away the mist and helped me to see something much more clearly.

It was a very bright colourful image but it was the words that had the most impact…

Once you make a decision the universe conspires to make it happen.” (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

I'm fascinated by Quantum science and the energy forces around, within and connecting us all.

I readily acknowledge our individual and collective 'created reality'.

I believe in manifesting that which is earnestly desired, and I'm aware of the power of visualisation and expectation - with heartfelt intention - to bring about a new reality.

Yet this quote added something powerful in its simplicity…the word ‘decision’.

When we actually decide upon doing or having something it gains so much more power than merely wanting, hoping for, wishing or even intentionally visualising it.

I've realised that actually making a firm and definite ‘decision’ doesn’t come as easily to me as I’d assumed.

When I think back, I have stayed in some relationships for far too long, and I've also been overly tolerant of negative behaviour from so-called friends. I have to accept that I'd 'decided' to put up with it – although my reasons weren't clear at the time.

Admittedly, there has to be a place for patience, allowing time for things to change and improve, giving people the benefit of the doubt, and in having a sense of acceptance and detachment from life's dramas.

We must also be aware that these can prolong a necessary ending. An ending which would allow something better and more life-enhancing to enter the newly vacant and available space.

In the past it has taken me many months (or even years!) to finally reach the point at which I had to ‘decide’ to end a relationship.

By that time I knew it was the right decision for me…it felt right in my gut, heart and head. I had no remorse or regrets.

The decision had become clear and unequivocal.

So, that one online image has really opened my eyes and focused my mind. I have often been described as ‘focused’ - and by some standards of comparison that's true.

Yet there is a whole extra level of being focused which comes with making a firm decision to be, do, or have, something.

Whilst it is vital to make a definite decision in order to create what you want…you have to be sure, and be in the right place emotionally and practically to allow the decision to be really effective.

Being a fan of acronyms I’ve just put one together for this process of making a decision to create a real change…

D – Decision…by clearly stating “I have now decided to…”

E – Explain to yourself ‘how’ it will be of overall benefit to you

C – Commitment to seeing it through

I – Implementation – put it into practice

D – Determination to bring about the results of the decision

E – Enjoyment!

Decisions Decisions…there’s no avoiding them so you might as well learn how to make the best ones for your greatest good!

By Maxine Harley (MSc Integrative Psychotherapy )

MIND HEALER & MENTOR - I help women to FEEL better – so they can BE, DO and HAVE better!

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Maxine Harley



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about 5 years ago
I wanted to write a comment but I couldn't decide what to write!
Now I remember! Thanks for the very thought-provoking and helpful article Maxine.
You are so right, after all the pondering, once I decide to do something and take action, all kinds of possibilities open up. The contemplation and planning process is vital to making good decisions but then...the leap of faith to make the dream happen! To DECIDE is empowering!