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Understanding men #8 Beards

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Since I’ve been on the Great Wake Up journey and visiting Psychologies Life Labs to blog those challenges/experiments I’ve found a rebirth in confidence. I find it amazing that through Life Labs and from reading positive and supportive contributors I feel so comfortable to blog this piece. Six months ago I would have been full of trepidation and it would not have happened but now I feel I can. Furthermore I belief that life truly is for living and there are a fantastic number of helpful souls on Life Labs willing to offer advice for anyone wanting to grow spiritually or improve as a human being. Thanks to the ‘wake up’ journey and reading other bloggers from different Life Lab communities I now find ‘sharing the love’ very, very easy. This does not mean I’m a British Warren Beatty, oh no. When I say ‘sharing the love’ I’m sure you all know what I mean, ahem.

I’ve found both the ‘wake up’ community and the Life Labs community very interesting and there are some truly extraordinary bloggers out there who bring wisdom and compassion into the light, sharing wholeheartedly their knowledge. I only wish I had the time to read all the expert and compassionate blogs from everyone. But as with most things life gets in the way.

It’s clear the communities have more female readers and experts than the male variety. I think this is only natural in every way and I’m very, very comfortable with it. In fact it’s nice to sit around a room ear wigging what the fairer sex talk about, it makes a change from football and fast cars (right on sisters, ahem).

Anyway I fully understand that we are all living in different states of flux at any given time. Sometimes things in our life are sweet and other times our life tastes sour. This is just life and without tasting those sour moments we wouldn’t realise how great those sweeter moments really taste. Some of the great advice available in the Life Labs communities can’t be fully absorbed if we’re not looking for solutions to problems that at that moment in our life aren’t present. But the important thing is that all the time we keep giving and sharing when we can and feel unafraid of spreading the good news to help others grow. And that’s what I’d like to give all the female community now today (don’t be rude). Hopefully it will help you understand your man better. If you haven’t got a man in your life remember this advice for future reference (and enjoy the freedom while you’ve got it, ahem).

It’s possible that women will never fully be able to understand men and vice versa. But with ‘sharing’ we might come to a point in our lives where we can understand and except that he just likes to leave rolled up socks everywhere and she likes to hide things but calls it tidying up! We need to share and understand each other more to live a more full and harmonious life.

For example why does a man grow a beard? A man doesn’t grow hair on his face for a fashion statement. No, he grows it because he either wants to look more mature (he’s fanning his feathers here) or to prove he’s still got virility (definitely a mid-life crisis) or he’s going in for a Father Christmas look-a-like competition (he’s feeling hopeful with this one) or because he’s losing the hair on his head and wants to prove he can still grow hair (ahem, let’s not go there) or maybe he’s just another lazy man (they’re only human after all sisters) or last but not least he’s got something to hide (usually skin). But there is also one other reason a man grows a beard…

For four months or so I unintentionally grew a beard (see fig.1). It was sort of goatee shaped and being the man I am I let it grow wild. There was no trimming for me. It got so wild that every time I ate a meal I was chewing hair off my own face and my wife told me I was starting to look a little like Mr Twit! Why did I grow it? The truth is I don’t know. Why am I mentioning it? To show you, that women don’t hold the monopoly on being mysterious!


So next time you say, “I don’t like men with beards.” Just remember you don’t know why he grew it in the first place, you’ve only got ideas why he did this. And try not to forget men have got feelings too (well some of us).

I hope this drop into the other half’s ocean helps in some way and next time you see a man with facial hair it makes you think a little. By the way since shaving off the beard the only problem I’ve got now is I’m a man in his mid-forties who might need ID when going to the bar to buy a drink (see Fig.2. Come on, go with it, smiling’s good for the soul don’t you know).


Let’s all keep ‘sharing the love’ and growing. Thanks for listening and keep smiling people and keep sharing that love!

Mark Cuddy

Someone who learned to wake up


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over 5 years ago
Nuts but love it~!! :)
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over 5 years ago
Just a bit of mild humour to tickle.