Great Wake Up Blog: Weeks #31 & #32

Double trouble...

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Double trouble...

Quick one for Week '#31 as it was designated a holiday break, which worked well for me as I took a week off work to relax and recharge my batteries. I got to reflect for a little bit on everything 'Wake Up', as well as working on implementing some of my more favourite exercises permanently into my new calendar (I'm using Google Calendar which is an excellent way of structuring your day and remembering a lot for you). I also got the chance to bake and paint and dance and do all the fun things I sometimes don't have time or energy for during a regular work day which was very nice!

So then: Week #32, which was all about flying a plane and giving it a good old soar somewhere!

Disclaimer: I haven't flown a paper plane since GCSE studies; mainly because I was rubbish at doing them (but fairly okay at origami and fortune tellers), but also because I could never get the damn things to go where I wanted them to fly. Still, I felt raring to go with this latest challenge and started plotting where to send my little paper avian marvel.

I work in a building with a few different floors, and so I decided to be a little bit cheeky and release it from the top floor. I practised with a few different methods of paper plane making (thank you online tutorials!) and got my colleagues into it for a five minute tea break.

I then chose to let my little plane go when no one else was around and for once in my life, maybe down to the right weather conditions or a nice breeze in the right direction, it actually soared and swooped and did a couple of lazy rolls before settling down in the garden. It was a real, strangely buoyant joy to see it fly, and I made sure to retrieve it before it could get rained or trodden on. It's currently resting inside a scrapbook, because, illogical feelings for a piece of paper aside, it meant a lot to me.

This week's assignment was a lot of fun, even if it was childish. Actually, maybe it was a lot of fun because it was childish. We don't indulge our inner child a lot as adults, and so to do something just for the sheer, simple, uncomplicated joy of it (it doesn't advance your career path, it doesn't make you a better OKCupid candidate...), was really refreshing. Who knows, maybe with the wave of relaxing colouring books out there, and Pokemon Go tearing up the streets, we could see paper plane armies taking to the streets. Stranger things have happened...


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over 5 years ago
Really inspiring blog, Chris! Well done, you for embracing it and I'm right there with you on the scrapbook!