Week 32: Lighten up and fly a plane

It's a family affair...

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Girls can I borrow you for five minutes? Can we go into one of your bedrooms because we need to use a high up window?

You can't come in here!

Not in here either!

I am not going to judge the tidiness of your rooms...please???

And so I ended up making paper aeroplanes with my daughters at 7.30 on a Friday night. At first wary but generally willing, they then decided that instead of the bedroom window we would jump in the car and drive 5 minutes up the road to our wonderful moor.

''Mum I am impressed by your spontaniety!''

And so was I! We laughed as we took photos, gained amused looks from on lookers and avoided the sheep.

In his video for this challenge Chris said this was a reminder not to take life too seriously and it worked. It cost no money, took 30 minutes in total and provided a bit of spontaneous, mildly eccentric fun. It also meant I spent some lovely time in a beautiful part of the town with my beautiful daughters.

Bloody lovely!!


Mother, wife, daughter, teacher...

Firmly stuck in the 'sandwich generation' category, I am 46 years old and looking to shake things up a bit! I am a teacher, which I love - but it takes over your life! A mother of three - two daughters, 16 and 15, a son aged 11. Wife to Simon for 19 years. Carer for rather eccentric mum, aged 89.


Go to the profile of Vanessa
about 5 years ago
Jacqui, love that you had this spontaneous moment with your daughters! It's so easy to forget that it can be that easy...
Go to the profile of Mark Cuddy
about 5 years ago
This is great and what the challenge was all about - superb! So glad you shared this with your daughters - lovely!
Go to the profile of Fiona Dolben
about 5 years ago
I loved that you shared this with your daughters, beautiful landscape too X
Go to the profile of Chris Baréz-Brown
about 5 years ago
Super bloody lovely! Well done Jacqui, sounds like a fun moment. C x