Help me - I'm not feeling inspired

how to crack on with work and beat procrastination through this nifty method

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Hello dear reader. If you're here I get it!

Few days ago I found myself in a momentary panic.

It was 1:45PM and I was walking home from the high street and thought: "Oh No! The day is almost gone and I got nothing juicy done work-wise".

If you have ever faced a thought similar to mine, you know what I'm talking about.

Of course this thought attracted another awesome helper: "You are such a time waster!", and another "How do you expect to get all these projects done like this?" and before I knew it, in the pit of my stomach was a sick feeling and tearful panic of overwhelm. Yes, I get them too!

Soon after another thought appeared to sum things up. "Of course it's a wasted day. All you're really good for in the afternoon is cooking a meal", followed by a tinge of resentment at my family for coming home in just a couple of hours making it impossible for me to get anything done.

And then a magical insight took place! Something I am beginning to catch more often in myself and my clients. I call it mind and heart alchemy.

With great deal of compassion (I was feeling sorry for myself), I entertained the last summation which in effect reduced me to a good for nothing family cook and began to apply my curiosity to it by exploring how come whilst I feel so incapable of tackling work in the afternoons, I am indeed perfectly able to create a super tasty and presentable meal? And here's what I came up with.

  • First, I develop a clear idea for what I'm going to cook.
  • Then I get really excited about why this will be a great meal and how to present it so it wow's my family.
  • I get my ingredients speedily from a local shop, put some music on and get cracking with it.
  • Before I know it, in less than 30min, I know I will have a supper to put on the table.
  • Voila!

Now I was feeling proud and happy. I was no longer a failure at all. What's more, I thought "Wait a minute! If I can be such a good Chef in the afternoon, how about becoming a Chef for one of my projects?

Oddly, the excitement, motivation, clarity and know-how magically jumped from a meal to work! And, what's more, now I even had a step by step strategy for tackling a work project.

So there you have it! Who says there are no magic recipes for beating procrastination?

When you get caught in panic of a run-away day, or go to battle your procrastinator, bring compassion and curiosity into the situation instead of just judgement. Judgement will only make you feel small and inadequate. It will make you view yourself as a failure.

And you are anything but that!

You are marvellous! Resourceful! and Amazing!

You are an Alchemist.

So don't delay. Apply your heart and mind to one of your goals now and start cooking up your better future!

With love, Magdalena

Magdalena Bak-Maier

Author, Guide, Magically Real Heart & Mind Connector, Make Time Count ltd

Magdalena Bak-Maier helps people connect and align their heart and mind in service of their ‘big agenda’. Her writing, teachings and models clearly show that the secret of success, wellbeing and joy resides in our nervous system and how we use it. Trained neuroscientists and coach to world’s elite performers, Magdalena teaches her tools and approach to all those interested in learning about it. So far this has included top NASA engineers, NHS doctors, emerging global leaders, coaches and wellbeing experts across the world. She has been also sharing her work with Psychologies readers through NowLive events and for those living in London you can catch her at the School of Life. Magdalena’s first book, Get Productive! (Capstone, 2012) includes 36 thought-provoking exercises and practical advice to empower readers to become masters of their own time, and achieve exceptional results continuously. Get Productive! received very positive reviews from customers and press alike, and quickly became a bestseller in the personal development arena. The Get Productive Grid (2015) her second book, is a no nonsense practical tool called the Grid for achieving life, work and career goals whilst making time for critical self-care. Having studied burnout at work (The Times, 2013) and working with people who struggle to realise their aspirations, the Grid conditions focus, effective habits of goal setting and progressive realisation steps towards results. If you want to achieve results whilst feeling you absolutely love who you are let Magdalena be your productivity guide.