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Book clubs have been around for a while, but at Psychologies we are encouraging you to set up a book club with a difference – one that is focused on happiness and positive psychology.

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I'm really excited about our new initiative with our partners Action for Happiness - Happiness Book Clubs. Our vision, together with our partners Action for Happiness, is to create more happiness in the world through the way in which we approach our lives and each other. We are encouraging you to create a book club once a month and to experiment with how you can put happiness – yours and other people’s – at the heart of your philosophy. It’s about being the change we want to see in the world.

What’s the goal? To help create a genuinely happier society by providing a place for us to connect once a month to talk about how we can survive and thrive in the world – no matter what.

How it works? Every month, invite your friends, family or people you’d like to get to know, and create your own book club to discuss our book of the month, recommended and reviewed by Action for Happiness positive psychology expert, Vanessa King. We will also post monthly interviews with the book’s author on this Life Labs channel you can join our Facebook group for regular updates at

Why start a Happiness Book Club? Researchers have found that people are happier when they are with other people, even if you are an introvert. They have discovered that happy people are more pleasant, helpful and sociable. So, being around people makes us happier, and when we are happier, we are more fun to be around, which creates an ‘upward spiral’ of happiness.

Our first book: This month, Vanessa King from Action for Happiness recommends Ed Halliwell’s new book,Into The Heart Of Mindfulness (Little Brown, £13.99). Get reading! We will be posting reviews and author interviews. Do let us know what you think of this book. We will be discussing at our first book club - live at the Margate Book Festival with Ed Halliwell on 20th August 2016. So do post your questions in the comments section below.

To receive monthly updates about our Happiness Book Club and more information, sign up here:

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over 5 years ago
Looking forward to starting my book club. :)