Page 3 is No More. Our pick of the 'Top Tweets'

Top Tweets we received against the demise of Page 3

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Page 3 is No More! Top Tweets

It was all over the news, including an announcement in sister rag, The Times - The Sun has dropped Page 3. Within a few days it was back again sadly, 'dressed up' (or rather undressed) as a 'joke'. Perhaps the joke was on the Sun though, as with the return of near naked teenage girls to our most popular family newspaper, feelings against Page 3 spiked and the No More Page 3 campaign gained 20,000 new signatures in just 24 hours.

A few days later, Page 3 was again dropped (quietly this time) and hasn't returned since.

And to keep the laughter flowing by sharing some of the tweets we received over the apparent demise of Page 3 from our twitter followers (although possibly not fans). So, in time honoured reverse order..

Top Tweet #3 Thank you James for this one: "Stand up for women by demanding they stop work? .. You ***ing *** ****s ***ing ***s " We suspect this would have been longer but the character limit had been reached.

Top Tweet #31/2 (sorry only half a point awarded for lack of originality) " ...will topless pictures of men be banned now?? Equality? NOT" er.. Ok if you say so Gav.

Top Tweet #33/4 (oh oh, that lack of originality again) "So only men's nipples should be allowed in newspapers? Equality how?" Tim asks, confounded.

Top Tweet #2 "Proper feminists are more worried about FGM" Thank you, Paul, for this, the definitive definition of feminism. Please don't forget to correct Wiki.

Top Tweet #1 In first place it has to be this, which trended at Metro HQ: "Getting Rid of Page 3 is an Islamic Plot"

If you've seen any more Tweets that should be in the top 5 (there is room to squeeze in a few more between #2 and #3) feel free to tweet them to us at :

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