Set New Moon Intentions At 2015 First Super New Moon

Tomorrow is January's first new moon of the year and it's a super moon (a time when the moon is closest to the earth and in alignment with the sun) a time of the year some describe as the 'real new year'

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Have you found the time to sit down and write down your intentions for the year?

Yes I know I can hear you groaning in the background … “What? Are you crazy? I don’t have the time right now to focus on what I want? Don’t you know how busy I am?”

But what if you aligned what you want along with the natural cycles of nature and used the presence of the new moon each month to help remind you of when you could be taking time out to focus on you?

Indulge me a little bit more.

The moon waxes and wanes every month like clockwork in the sky for twenty-nine and a half days, a constant reminder that change is a constant, everything shifts and everything thing changes and we could well do remembering that as we experience daily life.

In many ways the phases of the moon connects us to the natural cycles and rhythms of the earth and if we relate to the moon as a natural clock when she is new we can open ourselves to monthly explorations of new beginnings and open ourselves to what maybe in the shadow that is time for us to release or let go of. Nature understands the cycle of shedding and renewing and the moon is a visible totem in the sky a reminder of what transitions are all about, a live movie of the seemingly death of something and the rebirth that follows.

Tomorrow is the first new moon of the new-year and it is the first of three super new moons happening in succession in January, February and March. In terms of our own physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual cycles the presence of a new moon, though invisible to the naked eye is also fully aligned with setting intentions for things you’d like to create, develop, make or manifest in the upcoming lunar cycle.

I wonder how much more natural does it feel to align yourself with the phases of the moon as a way of bringing your goals into fruition? For many the new moon in January is the natural start of the new-year. It takes the pressure we put ourselves under of making new-year resolutions on January 1st, which I bet feels like an abrupt start to the year. Instead the arrival of the first new moon of the year more than half way through the month gives us time to breathe, to unravel, to come into the year more conscious and really consider what it is we really want.

A super moon is when the moon is closest to the earth and the moon is hidden all day behind the sun’s rays when the two are aligned. Think about what that alignment means for you when you consider that the new moon rises when the sun rises and sets when the sun sets. So this is a supercharged time to set your intentions.

I’m a writer and a few years ago I ran a monthly writing group for women called Moon wRites. The group met on the evening of each full moon, which, felt like a powerful time of the month to bring women writers together. Where the light of the full moon was the guide, the darkness of the new moon offer’s an invitation to see what is ready to emerge from the darkness, a metaphor for asking ourselves what are we ready to give birth to (ideas, projects, activities, changes).

The darkness also metaphorically speaks to what we might need to let go of. To exploring what you might be holding onto that’s getting in our way. A call to ask yourself – “What is it I need to bring out into the light?”

As a writer the metaphoric occurrence of the new moon each month is like a blank page inviting you to turn over a new leaf and write down your most significant intentions for the following month based on your own internal longings. Intentions not tarnished with outer should’s and expectations.

Folklore suggests that it’s best to write your new moon intentions by hand as it super charges your intentions when you write in your own handwriting. But even more importantly you're putting fire into something when you name it in writing,that is alchemised by your own hand.

New Moon Journal Writing Intentions

  • You might want to start by creating a scared space (as defined by you) in which to write your new moon intentions. It may be a simple as lighting a candle, curling up in bed to write, sitting at a table with a vase of flowers in front of you or going to a sacred space in your home and doing your journaling there.
  • I like to light a candle or an incense stick as a way of setting the scene and to take a couple of slow, deep breaths before I begin.
  • Think of key areas in your life or work where you would like to see increase happen then choose three of those areas from the list.
  • Record the 3 things from your list in as much detail as you can stating what the intention is. My intention is to gain 5 new clients this month. My intention is to have an article published online by the end of the month.
  • Make 1 of the 3 things from your list something that can be easily accomplished (but perhaps you keep putting off).
  • Make the next a goal or project that you’re in the middle of and want to make ground on
  • Make the third item on your list a goal that’s a bit of a stretch. It might be something you’re at the beginning stages with or something you’ve been running over in your mind. Whatever stages you’re at make sure you write it down.
  • I’m going to suggest that even though you probably have more things on your “intentions” list, lets work with the most important three that fit the above criteria 3 for your new moon intentions this month. You’re more likely to gain a win when you’re intentions are specific and focused.

Of course all of the above is a guide and the best new moon intentions come from activities you create yourself. But in the meantime …

I hope you can see where we’re going here? Using the new moon as a natural marker, writing out your three intentions by hand in a ritualistic way in your journal is a great way of aligning your inner life each month with your outer life.

Your journal is a place where you can manifest and create your dreams by consciously using writing to confirm and consolidate creatively what it is you want. A little help from the moon each month to help you get to your journal and your goals does no harm instead there is much to be gained. A point captured in this quote from Julia Cameron who said, Recovery is recovering the distance we have drifted from our dreams.”

Writing new moon intentions each month allows the moon to be your muse. Writing down your new moon intentions is an invitation to tap the power within, inscribing in writing the callings and longings of your own heart.

Happy January 20th Super New Moon!

Jackee Holder

Professional & Personal Coach, Author, Speaker & Journal Coach, Life Is A Work In Progress!

I am energised and come alive when I am writing and journaling and over the years I have filled the pages of over one hundred journals. I am a bookaholic and see writers of all genres as part of my natural tribe. I am qualified in many areas of personal development and well-being including a Masters degree in creative writing and personal development from Sussex University and in the completion stages of training as a psychosynthesis counsellor. But by far life and it many bumps, bruises and triumphs continues to be my greatest teacher. Life has been a series of adventures and challenges but creativity has remained a mainstream force of my life. This means that over a period of twenty years I have authored four published books, 49 Ways To Write Yourself Well, Be Your Own Best Life Coach, The Journal Journey Guidebook and Soul Purpose along with numerous workbooks, e-books, free journaling products and articles for a range of journals and magazines. I have recently launched The Inner and Outer Nature Self Discovery deck of cards which brings together my love of journaling and nature. In my professional vocation I work as a corporate coach, coach supervisor and leadership facilitator. I love what I do, no two days are the same and I love how I can bring so much of what brings me alive into this work. I care about our environment and have a deep reverance for trees and nature. I hold nature and journaling as my go to sources of well being and write regularly around the therapeutic benefits of forest bathing, connecting with nature and journaling. Twice a year I open the doors to my online well being journaling class, Paper Therapy. Over five weeks you are immersed in a world of journaling prompts and exercises that empower you to creatively and mindfully grow a daily or weekly journaling practice. You will learn about the therapeutic benefits of journaling and how journaling can help you thrive even when you are challenged and stretched. Paper Therapy I journal regularly, love listening to an eclectic range of podcasts interviews which challenge me to think outside the box. I am an early morning urban city walker and love the quiet hum of the mornings when most of the rest of the world is asleep. I have a real curiosity about trees and tree mythology and love the way trees beautify our and resource the environment. London is my home and for now I feel so lucky to live in the city with the most green parks and spaces in the world. You can find Jackee here: Follow me on my urban walkabouts at Instagram:@jackeeholderinspires @girlabouttown Twitter: @jackeeholder


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about 7 years ago
This is interesting to me as I have always felt 1st January was not a good time to start resolutions and have always opted for mid January. I have succeeded with a couple of things using mid January as a start point I have a couple of things in mind and will give this a go tomorrow - if I remember (horomes mean my memory is very hit and miss).