Whoever Said It Would Be Easy?

Welcome to part 5 in the mini series - What You Most Need In 2015 Is Energy Not Time

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Jan 19, 2015

There's a saying that you teach most what you need to learn, something I’m very happy to testify to. So here's what happened as soon as I started to write this mini series about energy, my schedule got even busier and I was literally challenged to eat my words.

Busyness and not having time for self care are on the top of the list of what I talk with my coaching clients about. I thought how could I write and coach others about energy management and then watch myself do the exact opposite of everything I wrote about. So I busted myself, turned things around and began a process of going slow.

It wasn't easy. Modern society is hard wired to speed and haste. Whilst going slower conserved my energy this was much to the annoyance of the rest of the world around me reminding me of how difficult it is to stay true to what feels right for you. Let me share four small yet significant changes I made:

·I found myself embracing slow driving (which meant driving within the speed limits on all roads) much to the irritation of other drivers who tooted and overtook me at every opportunity. Not a good look when you're behind the wheel of a somewhat sporty car yourself but cocooned inside the steel walls of my car I was able to create my own inner sanctuary. I lined up podcasts on my iphone so I could cut out listening to music or the news even though I’m a much-loved fan of Radio 4.

·On the weekend I spent a couple of hours in bed reading just for pleasure. I enjoyed turning the pages with no particular destination in mind just to enjoy the book I was in bed with.

·I got to bed early a couple of nights in the week and gave myself an extra couple of hours in bed so my body got the rest it deserved. What a difference it made to the normal stress lines on my face and how much lighter my body was feeling.

·I wrote lists of what I was thinking and feeling in my journal even when I didn’t feel like journaling and felt better almost immediately once I got started.

·As much as I wanted to say ‘Yes’ I said, ‘No’ to two attractive social invitations mid week that I knew would overstretch me and would not be the best use of my time. As a result I was able to be on the other end of the phone for my teenage goddaughter when she called me unexpectedly upset one evening. Had I been in central London at an event I would not have been able to be there for her.

So my question to you is what is the one thing you will do over the next seven days that will protect and replenish your energy? If you allow yourself this one thing what will it be?

I’m working away from home this week so one thing I know I will be giving myself is permission to get to bed early at least twice this week. The other thing I will be doing is writing down my intentions in my journal in celebration of the year’s first new moon on January 20th.

January’s first new moon is known as a super new moon. Some refer to this time around this first new moon as the 'real new year' so it's an ideal moment to focus on how you will take care of your energy so you can makes the changes you desire in the coming year. When you preserve your energy it will and does have a direct impact on the quality of your relationship and connection with time.

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