Blue Monday - advice for young people (and not so young!)

We all know that winter is a time when people more often feel low, but when you're actually feeling like that, or if you're a teenager and maybe don't realise that it's normal, you may need extra support. Nicola Morgan, expert on adolescence, offers that support.

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I was asked to write an article for the Guardian, giving my ten top tips for beating the January blues, aimed at teenagers (though it’s not so different whoever you are.) It was published yesterday, to be ready for today, Blue Monday, the Monday when our spirits may be at their lowest, compared with the rest of the year. I don't know if you can really pin it on any particular day but it’s certainly true that mood tends to be lower around this time of year, for some not very complicated reasons. And when we understand and remember that, it helps, because otherwise we might be thinking “why the hell do I feel so lousy?”

Anyway, my tips are there. But, more to the point, I’m part of a live Twitter conversation focusing on teenage mental health, organised by the Guardian, this evening, 7-8pm (UK time).

PLEASE join us using the hashtag #Gdnbluemonday – and there’s a chance (three chances!) to win a free copy of The Teenage Guide to Stress. It’s not just me: there’ll be James Dawson, Matt Haig, Sita Brahmachari, Gayle Foreman and more.

I have had to rearrange my weekly Spanish lesson, with some difficulty, so please don’t let me down!

Nicola Morgan

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Nicola Morgan is a multi-award-winning author for and about teenagers and an renowned speaker at conferences and schools around the world. Her classic book on the teenage brain, BLAME MY BRAIN – THE TEENAGE BRAIN REVEALED, was followed by THE TEENAGE GUIDE TO STRESS and THE TEENAGE GUIDE TO FRIENDS and innovative multimedia teaching resources on the brain and mental health, BRAIN STICKS™, STRESS WELL FOR SCHOOLS and EXAM ATTACK. Her next books are POSITIVELY TEENAGE (May) and LIFE ONLINE (June). She writes articles at


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