What if you woke up and truly loved Your life?

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Hello dear reader -

The other day one of my clients really made me think. This person is highly accomplished, externally successful, and beautiful. And as we sat down to look at how to grow this success, a massive truth emerged. My client was super unhappy. Apart from her professional success and her kids, she found herself having a life that one doesn't want to wake up into, or that one runs to escape by working long hours and calling your best mates for drinks. She is not alone.

We all get in a rut. I sure did ten years ago. On the surface I looked ok but inside I was literally dying. Life had no passion, true purpose and each morning I awoke I thought to myself what am I doing here truly? Surely life should be delicious. In fact, one of my coaches and inspiring mentors used that very term and it penetrated my heart to the core as soon as I heard it.

I set out on a search of delicious life, partner, home, itinerary, even garden and you know what I discovered?

Delicious is a state of mind!

Imagine this. You get up each morning at 6am to cycle to a job for 8:30 whether you want to or not. On route you must drop of your child at school and due to child care you work two long days so you can be back for 3:30pm on the others. There are days when your body aches and you would die for an extra 10min in bed but the extra stress is so not worth it.

You could get up grumpy, angry at yourself for not having a better life, your job not somehow being closer, you not being smart enough to land another one or perhaps feeling stuck with what you have, unsure how to make the next step. Or you could open your eyes and look at the same day with a different mindset.

You could begin by imaging the morning shower being a refreshing trickle of water your back will awake into. That first hit of water bathing you in energy.

You could look forward to the person you will greet in the mirror - never quite knowing what you will find. It could be the person staring back is a beautiful, strong character and you take pleasure discovering yourself in it. Or you may find someone you don't quite recognise, in need of a haircut with black bags under the eyes in need of sleep and rest. The point is you just do not know until you look. This is why on my 30 day goal setting course with Psychologies Lifelabs I have a weekly exercise called Mirror. What I have found over and over again is that client that create a great life around them, often develop and train a new mindset in how they see themselves. And to do that, you first need to look at what is there. You can find the course on this forum if the concept of taking small steps to transform your life, work, career and how you care for yourself appeals to you.

In the meantime, let's continue to explore deliciousness a bit further.

You could mindlessly gobble down some food or choose to enjoy 10min at your table truly tasting your breakfast. You could head mindlessly in rush to your transport or notice your route and flash a smile or greeting to people in your community.

You could walk into your job and think how much your colleagues owe you, how unproductive they are and how your job sucks. Or....you could look at the people around you and appreciate their complex lives, their own troubles and challenges and the fact that like you, they are here to get on! From that perspective, you may just enjoy your day at work a little bit more. You may end up inviting one of them to lunch and build foundations for a friendship. You may discover that your colleague is the perfect business partner you needed to give your dream business a go! And before you know it, you can action your to-do list and give yourself permission to leave work on time.

One thing is certain. Your experience of deliciousness will be as You choose.

So, choose wisely.

Until next time!

Magdalena Bak-Maier

Author, Guide, Magically Real Heart & Mind Connector, Make Time Count ltd

Magdalena Bak-Maier helps people connect and align their heart and mind in service of their ‘big agenda’. Her writing, teachings and models clearly show that the secret of success, wellbeing and joy resides in our nervous system and how we use it. Trained neuroscientists and coach to world’s elite performers, Magdalena teaches her tools and approach to all those interested in learning about it. So far this has included top NASA engineers, NHS doctors, emerging global leaders, coaches and wellbeing experts across the world. She has been also sharing her work with Psychologies readers through NowLive events and for those living in London you can catch her at the School of Life. Magdalena’s first book, Get Productive! (Capstone, 2012) includes 36 thought-provoking exercises and practical advice to empower readers to become masters of their own time, and achieve exceptional results continuously. Get Productive! received very positive reviews from customers and press alike, and quickly became a bestseller in the personal development arena. The Get Productive Grid (2015) her second book, is a no nonsense practical tool called the Grid for achieving life, work and career goals whilst making time for critical self-care. Having studied burnout at work (The Times, 2013) and working with people who struggle to realise their aspirations, the Grid conditions focus, effective habits of goal setting and progressive realisation steps towards results. If you want to achieve results whilst feeling you absolutely love who you are let Magdalena be your productivity guide. www.maketimecount.com https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sBsuIAscshE