Make One Change Happen

I'm running a complimentary programme to support us in making one change happen. It's rocking my world. Here's why.

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Towards the end of the year I noticed my anxiety rising a tad with all the planning, endings, beginnings and reviews. I would turn on Facebook and be inundated with promotions and recommendations for planners. I'll be honest I found it overwhelming. I wasn't ready.

In late November / early December I sent out a survey to the wonderful people who have subscribed to receive my updates and blogs on my personal website. I asked them what they were struggling with. I was surprised by the responses. They said they wanted to get into action and what was holding them back was their inner critic and lack of focus.

Two weeks before Christmas I decided I wanted to do something to support them to create a new reality for themselves. I created a free programme called Make One Change Happen. It includes a visualisation, workbook and 10 email prompts and a private Facebook group.

My intention and stake for the programme was clear ... that lasting change happens when we come from a place of loving and owning who we are. I wanted whoever showed up, to see the magic of who they are and learn to stretch and grow from giving themselves permission to be shine.

On a personal level, I have reached a point where I am so tired of holding up perfected ideals and then criticising how I should be different or further along from where I am. I am where I am. My clients are where they are and once we accept that fully we can get really clear about what we want to create more of in our lives. That's a completely different energy to holding up an ideal of who we think we "should" be and how we "ought" to be doing things differently and then pushing hard to reach that standard.

I'm amazed at what's happening in the Facebook Group. These wonderful souls are showing up and sharing and supporting each other. They're learning with and from each other. They're inspiring each other. And it's teaching me so much. It reminds me that connection and community is really at the heart of growing and learning. That when we allow our vulnerability to be seen and choose not to be defined by it, we self-empower. It shows me that if you're feeling something and isolated, the secret really is to lean in and share because you can bet that someone else, somewhere is feeling the same thing. We are all connected.

If you would like to make one change happen, I'd want to invite you to explore your relationship with yourself as you go through that process. Be kind. Be loving. Be compassionate. Be forgiving. Notice the small steps, and above all, find your tribe.

And if you want to join the make one change happen community you can sign up here. You'll find a warm welcome, inspiration and connection.

Vanessa Anstee

Life Coach

I'm inspired by who you can be without apology and I want to help you let your real self shine. I've been a life coach for 10 years. I've always been a seeker trying to discover a way of being in life that feels soulful, authentic and aligned to what my heart wants not what my head thinks I should have, be or do. I spent 20+ year career in HR, OD, talent management and executive coaching. My kids were my biggest wake up. I saw the way I was working wasn't working anymore. I couldn't keep pushing myself harder. I had to accept I couldn't attain this perfected version of myself that I had strived most of my life to achieve. I had to find love not from accolades and other people's acceptance but from deep inside me. That's when I learnt to connect to my heart, heal my childhood wounds and fears of never being enough and set light to my passion in a completely new way. I want one thing for my clients. Be real. Be themselves, fall madly in love with that person and honour their soul's calling.